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Here are links to other fansenshi pages and sites on the net. If you have a fansenshi somewhere on your site, let's trade links!

Other FanSenshi and Sailormoon Sites (and such):


Scythe UnInDuStRiEs --Home of Snow's Sailor Charon! Plus lots of other art.

Defenders of the Realms --This site is growing fast, and it looks pretty good so far! ^_^

Azura's Sailor Moon Fanfiction --Azura's Sailor Moon fanfiction site! She's got several series here to keep you reading and entertained for hours. My own Sailorelysion makes a detailed cameo in the Parallel Earth series!

Book of Otaku Senshi --Run by a longtime online friend, Sailor Christmas/Abenti. Contains all kinds of fansenshi stuff and offensive fansenshi. Just like I like 'em, controversial!

Other Friends:

The Fox Files --Amanda is a fan of my site, and she and her boyfriend have their own Furry RPG starring many pretty Foxes. ^_^ Please visit this great, very well done site!

{ Tenko no Kai } --Steph has her own fansenshi series and lots of pretty art on her site, all colored very nicely! Go go go!

Sailor Christmas dot com --Decking the halls gets an all new meaning when a new history teacher comes to Juuban High School so soon after the death of the previous history teacher. Also a mysterious new transfer student who gives everyone the cold shoulder arrives in Haruna-sensei's class. Watch and see as Holiday Senshi collide and suprises appear around every corner. Celebrate the holidays, Senshi style!

Kagome's Inuyasha Site

Clubs I belong to:

Fan Senshi on Yahoo --A group I started for... gee, could it be Fan Senshi? ;)

I am a member of the Dark Sailors Club

Places to get art:

Kaze no Ohimesama's :|: Anime Coloring Album --Too bad, this link seems to have gone dead. While in its prime, it was an excellent place to find coloring book images from various anime series. Comes in very handy for making fansenshi art! They're already black and white, so all you have to do is color! (Or if you're like me, modify and color. ^_^ ) Hopefully, the site will come back someday. If you see it online somewhere, let me know, please.

--A site where you can have your fan-created senshi drawn or made from an edited picture. For free!

Other fanfics:

--Thomas made a banner for me (to fit his site design) and linked me, so I'm linking his site. It looks very interesting! I need to read this one soon. --I haven't gotten a chance to read the fanfic here yet, except for a bit of skimming, but the site design is very nice and there's plenty to look at. The reason I'm linking it is because the Sailor Generator has so many neat ideas for people who are creating fansenshi. There's a list of common objects under Weapons that can be turned into senshi fighting tools, and it was a great inspiration to me to help me spice up some of my Talismans. Thanks to the creator of Sailor Orion! Unfortunately, this site has been closed down. :(

People who reviewed my fics or gave me awards:

--You do not actually have to be an idiot to visit this site. ~_^ Pinky (of this site I'm linking) gave me an award for having a cool site. ^_^ I'm so proud. ::sniffle:: --The people at this site were nice enough to give me a review! ^_^
SMD Review --And here is the review. And it's favorable, yay! Alright, someone noticed how hard I labor to make all of their shoes different!!! Weehee, I know it sounds like a little thing, but I really do try to make all of the character's shoes different (like the original "Sailor Moon" kinda tried to do), and it's really cool to have someone notice. ^_^ If anyone else gives me a review, please feel free to let me know about it--I'd really like to know what people think (as long as you're NICE). ^_^

Sailor Callisto's Junk Page --The Otaku Sailor Senshi Review page, plus info about her Sailor Callisto.
A review! --The review that was given to SMD by the above webmaster is on this page. ^_^ I'm a Must-See Site!

JAOMonthly --An e-zine all about anime, with new articles added monthly. What I've read so far is all very good writing, and they do review anime sites, so if you'd like your site reviewed, visit them! There are also informational articles, opinions, and funny pieces. There's a review of my fanfic in the July issue, if you'd like to read it. ^_^

Places to promote your fic or fansenshi:

The Castle of Invented Senshi --A site with profiles and pictures of fansenshi, plus links to SM fanfics.

The Definitive Sailor Moon Fanfiction Directory --My fanfic is listed here. ^_^ It's got lotsa fanfics listed by category and length.

Solarium of Solar Senshi --Pretty self-explanatory. ~_^ A whole site of Sailor Suns! Nori wants to take them all out to the karoake bar and buy them a round.

Some of my Sailor Moon II board (aol) friends' sites:

--Bunny's domain! Lotsa great, creative, and fun SM stuff.
--Wulf describes his site as "A repository for junk of all kinds. Includes many game and anime files, pictures, and even song lyrics." Visit!
[ h e a v e n ' s g a t e w a y ] --Michi's site about some of her rpg charas, plus her tribute to Grave of the Fireflies.
--Raven's personal site, with stories and Sailor Moon content. I love the index of Pocket Bishounen she's caught, hehhehheh! Also, Raven was #666 on my splash page counter--feeeeeeeear heeeeeeeeeer! :D
Ayako-fied Shakespeare --Ayako's take on Shakespeare, which is very informative about all those stories we have to/had to read in school. If you're having trouble with your toil and bubbles, visit!

Other site-related links:

The Official Def Leppard Website --This has got to be the most obsessive fan site I have ever seen (that's a good thing). Coverage of practically every public appearance Charlotte makes, scans of tons of articles, and more pictures than you could ever know what to do with. Just phenomenal. NOTE: This has become a pay site. :(
Jeffrey's Japanese-English Server --The best Japanese dictionary I have ever used on the internet. This helped me come up with just about all the Japanese names I use in my fic.
Encyclopedia Mythica --The best online resource I have ever seen for info on mythology. This site was essential in the creation of many of my fansenshi.
Web --Another site that was absolutely essential for element research for my fansenshi.
The Astraldream Toolkit --If you want to learn some really great web graphic tips for Paint Shop Pro, visit the Tips section of this site. These are the directions I used to make the funky cutout invisible gifs on my Profiles page. The site also has lots of other neat stuff to look at.