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Once the Earth is awakened from its long still sleep, budding romances also awaken, and Crystal Tokyo is populated with new, future senshi. The children of the original senshi rise to fight any evil that threatens the Earth. But an unfamiliar old-fashioned sailing ship called The Flying Dutchman appears in the harbor one day, and its only living (?) occupant proves to be more powerful than anyone anticipated, as she punctures the security of Crystal Tokyo and steals items that could destroy the world. But is that her real goal? And is this the famous cursed ghost ship, the real Flying Dutchman? The situation becomes more desperate as the power of Chaos is revived. Could the mysterious Wheel in the Sky be the only thing that can save the world?

There isn't much here yet because Sailormoon Mirai, the sequel to Sailormoon Dark , will not be written until SMD is finished. Some of the buttons to the left do not work yet. The term "Wheel in the Sky" comes from the Journey song of the same name; the song inspired me! ^_^

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