Cliff Notes for Sailormoon Dark

This page contains synopsises of the episodes of SM Dark and art that WILL spoil the story. Looking at ANYTHING on this page will spoil some major plot points for you. But if you're anything like me, you often like to skip to the back of a new book and read the last page so you know how it turns out. ;) Are you one of those people? Then read and look! If you would rather not have any of the story spoiled for you, skip this page entirely!!

Episode Summaries

The following summaries were written by Laurel.

Episode One: University Orientation I. The Broken Mirror!
Years have passed since the end of "Sailor Stars." Usagi is now 18 and ready to enter a university called Mirai Mugen, which was built on the site of the old Mugen high school. While she is sleeping the night before orientation, several figures emerge from her mirror, including a black-haired Usagi! The senshi head off to their new college the next morning; it is obvious they have all changed in some unexplainable ways. The characters Nori, Ban, and Kitaeru are introduced, as are the exchange students Tara and Ursula. Before lunch, Rei sees a disturbing vision of herself, and so separates from the group to try to figure it out. Kitaeru, being the forger of all of the senshi's weapons, senses their presence in the building, and transforms into Sailorvulcan. Ban tranforms into Soldierhyperion, and Nori into Sailorsun. Rei sees the actual physical embodiment of her Dark self. She gives chase.

Episode Two: University Orientation II. Unknown Senshi Save the Day.
While the senshi are in the courtyard eating their lunch, they are suddenly attacked by a little seamonster. Another new senshi, Sailortriton, shows up to fight the creature. Rei meets the evil Sailormars on the roof of the building and transforms. Two Elemental senshi join the fight to help Darkmars overpower good Mars. Meanwhile, in the courtyard, Sun, Vulcan, and Hyperion help Triton beat up the seamonster, which doesn't seem to please Triton. The monster winds up getting hurt and runs away. Vulcan tells the others that she is the one who made the Talismans, which sometimes allows her to feel when other senshi are in distress. At that moment, she feels what is happening to Rei, alerting the others to her plight.

Episode Three: University Orientation III. An Opening Born of Fire.
Darkmars has nearly killed Rei when several more senshi show up to try to save her, Sailorcallisto (Ursula), Sailorganymede (Tara), and Sailorcharon (Ruki). Usagi comes upon the scene. The sight of the gravely injured Rei transforms her into Sailorcosmos by unknown means. She uses her new powers to fry Darkmars and the two Elementals. Rei dies in Usagi's arms. Another new senshi pops in, Sailorodin, to give them a mysterious book, and to tell them to take Rei to the Witches because they will look after her body and her Soul Shield. Off to the side, Triton hides, holding the burned seamonster in her arms. They discuss how their distraction worked in helping to get Sailormars killed.

Episode Four: The Itsubun Gives Clues. We're Off to the Witch!
One of the Elementals becomes Sailorhelium, and reveals that she had been brainwashed into killing Sailormars. She encases Rei's body in cryogenic crystals. They all decide to take Rei back to Usagi's house to ask Luna if she knows anything about Valhalla and the Witches. Charon takes off with the weak Helium in tow. Back at the library, Nori is in trouble for returning from lunch late. Vivian (Triton) takes the opportunity to butter her up by giving Nori a perfect excuse for her tardiness. Nori is grateful. Meanwhile, the senshi begin to read about the moon kingdom legend involving Sailorgalaxia and other senshi like her. The legend reveals it was their battle with Galaxia that split them all into Light and Dark halves. But how did Usagi get split? They figure out that Valhalla is the commune on Witch Hill, and set out to go there. Vivian leaves the library to meet up with the raven-haired Usagi, Tsukino-sama. They transform and go to the Gates of Time. They are currently being guarded by Pluto's future daughter, Sailormiraipluto. Somehow they get past her to 30th century Crystal Tokyo, where they go to the temple of an adult Elios, in Elysion. As he greets them, Sailordarkcosmos bitchslaps him and demands to know where his "pretty girl" is.

Episode Five: The Witches of Valhalla Charm the Present. Sailordarkcosmos Terrorizes the Future!
The senshi go to Valhalla to meet the Witches. In a nearby forest, Sailorcharon takes Heri (Helium) into a cave that leads down into the Underworld. There, they are threatened by five demons. Elios and Sailorelysion, his sister, battle Sailordarkcosmos, and are hurt badly. Chibiusa as the new Eternalsailormoon and her daughter, Sailormiraimoon, enter the scene, but when Chibiusa sees the Cosmos fuku, she knows she is beaten before the battle begins. Darkcosmos gravely injures her and steals her Soul Shield. Back in the present time, the Witches show the senshi the Tree of Life. A rather crazy, evil senshi breaks into the greenhouse and challenges everyone to a fight.

The following episode summaries were written by reader Kagome. (I tweaked them just a little. ^_^)

Episode Six: Triple Attack! Witch Hill, Underworld, Crystal Tokyo!
The Sailor senshi and Witches are attacked by Sailorlithiumowl. In the meantime, Sailorcharon and Sailorhelium are trying to make it to the Underworld, but they have some obstacles. The Future isn't looking too good either. Eternal Sailormoon has lost consciousness - and the elder Mirai Sailor senshi try to figure out just what happened.

Episode Seven: Flower Petals from an Artificial Sky. The Strange, Sad Life of Sailorcharon.
Ursula and Tara are still fighting over Glen, while Usagi meets a new Sailor senshi - Sailoralbatross. Sailorhelium and Sailorcharon have reached the Underworld, but "Hitoria's" parents are having some troubles. Too bad that Sailorcharon is unable to help them. Back in the future, the Mirai senshi investigate just how the attackers/intruders got past Sailormiraipluto.

Episode Eight: Right Under Their Noses. The Lair of Sailordarkcosmos.
Sailoralbatross and Usagi have a talk, but Usagi still doesn't remember that part of her past life that Albatross wants her to remember. Back in the Underworld, Helium and Charon try to devise a plan to help Charon's parents. But in the present, Nori is trying to get Mamoru back again - too bad that he's forgotten just who she was.

Episode Nine: The Birth of the Dark Daughter. Dolls and Cats and Seamonsters, Oh My!
Sailors Arsenic and Sulphur help Darkcosmos create a partner in crime for herself out of Chibiusa's Soul Shield. Nori pays Vivian a visit at her apartment, where she encourages Nori to try to steal Mamoru away from Usagi. Several of the senshi consult the Itsubun for clues about what happened between Rhea and Chronus. Ami and Minako are attacked by Dark versions of themselves. Will Usagi and Makoto be able to save them?

Episode Ten: Jupiter Rides the Lightning. Please Transform Me into Sailorcosmos!
Ami and Minako are... dead?! Usagi can only cry at the cruel reality. In the meantime, Nozomi makes a new friend, Momono. But how great are her secrets?

Episode Eleven: Samantha Makes Contact. The Builder is Coming.
The Builder's coming to Earth... and not just for playtime. Hotaru gets some advice from Sailorodin.

Episode Twelve: A Vision of the Void! The Bride Borrows Something Blue.
Rei, Ami, and Minako's spirits pay a visit to Usagi and Makoto. They also fix Usagi's brooch. In the meantime, Sailorcharon and Helium have arrived in... Nowhere. And on top of all of this, Kitaeru gets a horrific vision involving Sailorhathor and Sailorblackhole - one that involves massive death.

Episode Thirteen: The Episode of Bad Luck! Attack of the Pervert Senshi Team.
Tara's brother has just arrived from the airport - and boy, is he a pain in the neck. Ursula, in the meantime, is getting some love. But this new guy is -you guessed it- a Sailor Soldier. And what's up with the new enemies? The Pervert Senshi?

Episode Fourteen: The Episode After the Episode of Bad Luck. The Pervert Senshi Have a Pet for Show and Tell.
The Pervert Senshi have been defeated - but what about the secrets that were left behind in the battle? Like why Nathan doesn't want Tara to transform into Sailorganymede? But there are other mysteries to be revealed as well. Like what will happen when Kikan (Sailorhathor) becomes Usagi's new roommate.

Episode Fifteen: Memories Awaken. A Senshi Competition for Love.
All hail the new Sailor senshi, Sailorcarbon and Sailornitrogen. What shall they bring to the team? As for Ursula, she's back to Glen. That means dealing with Tara - who also thinks that Glen is the hottest guy on the planet. But as she starts to think about it... maybe getting into the love triangle isn't such a good idea. Kitaeru has a talk with Luna about Silver Millenium. And just what relation does Kita have to Nathan, Tara, and Ursula?

Episode Sixteen: The Javelin's Northern Course. Team Galileo's History.
Kita turns out to be an old friend/"sister" of Nathan, Tara, and Ursula. But... is she also a Sailor Senshi? In the meantime, Heri has to explain the whole Sailor Senshi thing to Hikaru... but will that bring more trouble? And The Builder's representatives have arrived... just what information do they have? So many questions to be asked... so little time to be answered. After all, this is Usagi's dark form we're dealing with.

Episode Seventeen: The Passing of the Javelin. Cadmium and Tungsten's Primetime Program.
So Kita is a Sailor Senshi! And Midori and Ursula finally become a couple. And Usagi's professor... is her boyfriend... and of course Nori's response to that won't be very friendly. Mamoru's class is attacked by the Dark Senshi.

Episode Eighteen: The Passing of the Javelin II. The Last Minute Dash.
As the battles continue, no one is really sure just who is their friend--and who is their foe. But when people start to blame Usagi... you have to wonder... will things ever get resolved?

Episode Nineteen: Which Cosmos is Our Cosmos? The Stand of the Mirai Senshi.
Our brave Underworld approachers, Heri and Hikaru, discover sad bits and pieces of their past lives when they are taken to the Necropolis. And there's more bad news. Isis says that it is impossible to get the coins that Sailorcharon needs--but why??! In the meantime, the Mirai Senshi start to really believe that Usagi is the one behind the attacks on the future, leading them to attempt to kill her.

Episode Twenty: The Battle that Spanned 900 Years. Vengeance Clouds the Mind.
The Sailor Senshi of the past are shocked by the revelations of the ones from the future, but no one really has much time to think, as the battle rages on. The newscaster, Aquamarine Black, tries to do a story from the heart of the battle, putting her screaming cameraman in danger. But who could pass up the opportunity to interview the people who are trying to kill Sailormoon?

These are very general summaries of every Episode so far, written by Laurel. I don't know why I didn't put these up earlier.

Episode 1: University Orientation I. The Broken Mirror!
The senshi are off to their college orientation. Rei sees a double of herself lurking in the building, and so follows her up to the roof.

Episode 2: University Orientation II. Unknown Senshi Save the Day.
The senshi are attacked by a wacky little seamonster in the college's courtyard. Several new, unknown senshi appear to dispatch of it. Meanwhile, Rei is restrained and horribly wounded by her physical double.

Episode 3: University Orientation III. An Opening Born of Fire.
More new senshi jump into the battle to save Rei, but could it all be for nothing? Usagi finds that she has a glorious new transformation.

Episode 4: The Itsubun Gives Clues. We're Off to the Witch!
The book given to the senshi by Sailorodin, The Itsubun of the Past, provides ancient information that they use to find the Witches. Darkcosmos and Sailortriton go into the future, to Crystal Tokyo, to retrieve something they need.

Episode 5: The Witches of Valhalla Charm the Present. Sailordarkcosmos Terrorizes the Future!
The senshi arrive at Witch Hill. Sailorcharon takes Heri down to the Underworld with her. Darkcosmos continues her attack on Crystal Tokyo.

Episode 6: Triple Attack! Witch Hill, Underworld, Crystal Tokyo!
The Witches' home (Valhalla) is attacked, while the battles continue in the Underworld and Crystal Tokyo. The Mirai senshi follow Darkcosmos into the past.

Episode 7: Flower Petals from an Artificial Sky. The Strange, Sad Life of Sailorcharon.
Usagi finds a ghostly room in the Witches' house, where she is engaged in conversation by an unknown senshi, Sailoralbatross. Heri sees how life is for Sailorcharon; she is determined to brighten up Charon's sad existence in the Underworld.

Episode 8: Right Under Their Noses. The Lair of Sailordarkcosmos.
The conversation between Usagi and Albatross continues. Charon doesn't appreciate Heri's interference, but she eventually breaks down and begins to trust the other girl. 'Nori meets up with Mamoru for the first time in thousands of years, but the encounter is nothing like she thought it would be.

Episode 9: The Birth of the Dark Daughter. Dolls and Cats and Seamonsters, Oh My!
Darkcosmos and her flunkies create a Dark daughter for her using evil magicks. The evil double of Luna tells Darkcosmos about a machine that Queen Serenity forbade the construction of in the ancient past, one that Darkcosmos is determined to build. 'Nori visits Vivian at her apartment, so she attempts to hide her guardian, but Siggy doesn't make things any easier for her. While reading parts of the Itsubun, Kitaeru suddenly has a very violent reaction to something taking place at Rei's temple.

Episode 10: Jupiter Rides the Lightning. Please Transform Me into Sailorcosmos!
A serious battle takes place at the Hikawa Shrine. Two senshi are killed, but the Outer Senshi arrive to save another. The Mirai senshi search for Small Lady in the park, while one of their own makes a new, mysterious friend who seems to lie about herself quite a bit.

Episode 11: Samantha Makes Contact. The Builder is Coming.
Samantha has a vision of several new senshi coming to Earth from outside the solar system. These senshi are given their orders to go, to protect their own planet, though at least one of them is not happy about being ordered around. Meanwhile, Hotaru receives a visit from Sailorodin.

Episode 12: A Vision of the Void! The Bride Borrows Something Blue.
Usagi and Makoto are visited by the ghosts of the dead senshi, who help raise Usagi's spirits. To help cheer her up, Mamoru takes her to a Kyomu Sisters concert, where Kitaeru has a frightening vision about who they really are.

Episode 13: The Episode of Bad Luck! Attack of the Pervert Senshi Team.
Heri and Charon visit other parts of the Underworld, to see if they can figure out how to give Sailorcharon's parents their eternal rest in Elysion. Ursula meets Midori; both are instantly smitten with one another, but their flirting is interrupted by an attack by some very perverted, evil senshi.

Episode 14: The Episode After the Episode of Bad Luck. The Pervert Senshi Have a Pet for Show and Tell.
The Pervert Senshi's attack continues, combated by Sailorcallisto and Soldierchlorine. Sailorblackhole and Hathor join the fight. Later that day, Usagi meets her new roommate.

Episode 15: Memories Awaken. A Senshi Competition for Love.
Taka remembers confusing things from her past life as Sailornitrogen. Anxious about their reawakening, Kitaeru asks Luna some questions about Blackhole and Hathor. While snacking at a local cafe, Ursula, Tara, and Nathan get reacquainted with an old friend.

Episode 16: The Javelin's Northern Course. Team Galileo's History.
The Sailor Skulls make their presence known on Earth. Ursula and Tara reminisce over how they met Kita. A small dog confronts Kita to tell her who she really is.

Episode 17: The Passing of the Javelin. Cadmium and Tungsten's Primetime Program.
Hikaru wants to go to the Underworld after Heri tells her of the secret life she's been living. Mamoru holds the orientation for his class on modern television, where he is harassed by 'Nori and eventually attacked by more evil Elementals.

Episode 18: The Passing of the Javelin II. The Last Minute Dash.
Most of the senshi are trapped inside the television, so Sailorjupiter and her new friend, Europa, arrive to take care of the evil-doers. After meeting Kikan again for the first time in this life, Taka remembers what her confusing visions of her past life mean.

Episode 19: Which Cosmos is Our Cosmos? The Stand of the Mirai Senshi.
Baby Baby Love creates two new evil Elementals by brainwashing Hydrogen and Palladium. These senshi attack the college, which leads to a horrible misunderstanding that results in the Mirai senshi trying to kill Usagi.

Episode 20: The Battle that Spanned 900 Years. Vengeance Clouds the Mind.
The Outer Senshi become involved in the fight with the Mirai senshi. The newscaster, Aquamarine Black, does a live report on this battle and gets caught up in it, with humorous results. Nozomi and Momono find out the truth about each other. Down in the underworld, Charon is told what trials she must endure in order to get the coins she needs for her parents.

Episode 21: Through the Gates of Time. Our Crystal Forest is Weeping.
The Mirai Senshi stay at the Outer Senshi's house, but is this really a good idea? They take Usagi and several of the others into the future to see if The Cosmos Brooch can heal Small Lady.

Episode 22: Facing the Doors of Hell. Soldiers Must Never Lose Hope!
Usagi and the others go home to the present, while Sailorcharon is told that someone tried to get the coins before her, and was badly hurt. Now Helium and Hikaru must decide if they will accompany Charon into Hell.

Episode 23: The Heart's Deepest Pit. The Decision of Thanatos.
Hell is not what they thought it would be, but it proves to be a challenge as Charon and her group head for the deepest pit. They meet Sailorthanatos - is it her decision whether or not Charon will receive the coins she came for. Meanwhile, Nathan plays a wicked trick on Vivian.

Episode 24: Poisonous Sister. The Final Galileon.
Sailorhypnos helps Tara remember what happened in her past life through Miraculous Dreams. The next morning, Kazan catches several girls in the dorm breaking rules, and it looks like the guardians will have to move out. Sailorarsenic explains to Sulphur why she and her sister, Kazan, grew apart. In return, Sulphur tells her about her early life with her mother, Queen Nehelenia.

Episode 25: The Final Galileon II. Ruby Eyes.
Sailordarkcosmos recruits a man from the Galileon Senshis' past to take them on, hoping to force Kazan to remember who she is.

Episode 26: The Final Galileon III. The Snare of the Unbearable Past.
The battle going on in front of Mirai Mugen again gets the attention of newscaster Aquamarine. Kazan must make the decision of whether or not she will join her team.

Episode 27: The Final Galileon IV. The Snare of the Unbearable Past II.
Senshi all over the city watch Aquamarine's news report, and draw their own conclusions. The battle is ended, and new friendships are made through it.

Episode 28: Cyber Cafe Ninjas? Sailor DarkV's Game Endless.
Darkmercury and DarkV try to take control of a cyber cafe using a piece of Viluy's destroyed computer from "Sailormoon S."

Episode 29: Who is Central Control? The Life of the Party, That's Who!
Aquamarine finally reveals part of her secret to her cameraman. The Outer Senshi are invited to a party held by Central Control. At this party, 'Nori makes a scene when she insists that Mamoru dance with her.

Episode 30: The Long-Hidden Secret. Central Control Takes a Step into the Light.
Julian (Thanatos) arrives to tell the party-goers about Central Control and their purpose in the senshi world. Evil Elementals attack the party.

Episode 31: The Greenhouse Battle! Senshi Hearts Beat with Worry.
The senshi from Central Control, the Witches, and the Sailor Skulls fend off the attack in the Witches' greenhouse. Afterward, Midori makes Ursula a very serious promise, and the Outer Senshi confront Prince Endymion about his past with 'Nori.

Episode 32: A Twist of Fate. Father's Strong-Willed Girl.
Thanatos takes a young girl under her charge who was supposed to die in a train wreck. That same day, she performs a puppet show at the Witches' house, but the story she tells strikes a nerve with Sailorsolstice.

Episode 33: Dreaming in Sync. The Morpheus Coma.
Several of the senshi are left in a 24-hour coma after the battle with Thanatos and Hypnos. They dream of events from their past lives, including sad things and violent battles, while Glen and Sabrina see that Thanatos' story for Solstice had some truth to its conclusion.

Episode 34: Loose Ends. Home Sweet Hell.
Sailorcharon is finally able to reap the reward of her hard-fought quest for the coins. Helium and Neon take an interest in a wandering ghost, who turns out to be Sailortriton's father. Setsuna has a heated conversation with her boyfriend. E the Angel takes Neon to meet the embodiment of Suicide. He tells her that someone is going to attempt suicide in two days. But who?

Episode 35: Partnership. A Rune Divided.
The pop singing group Noble 6 are still dealing with the aftermath of one of their members being "outed" as a senshi on TV. Is it possible they are all senshi, part of a team? Darkcosmos knows.

Episode 36: A Rune Divided II. The Fortunetelling Trident.
The battle continues on the roof of the hotel while Ji's words about Aquamarine and her news helicopter come back to haunt her. Meanwhile, Michiru and Haruka head to the Starlight Room for a music demonstration for Michiru's class, not knowing that the Dark Senshi are plotting against them specifically with some specially picked Elementals. Sailordarkneptune and Sailordarkuranus join the mayhem.

More to come!

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