The Sacred Cup

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        Sailormoon Dark: The Movie was created and is written by me, Laurel, the webmistress of this site. It is based on the Japanese animation series Pretty Soldier Sailormoon which is (c) to Toei Animation. Although it is based on the anime, it does contain elements of the manga by Naoko Takeuchi, (c) to Takeuchi and Kodansha Comics. This fanfic may contradict the manga, though. I have worked not to contradict the anime. No copyright infringement is intended by the writing of this fanfic. This is simply a work of fan love and appreciation.

        Thanks go out to Wulf for teaching me how to indent paragraphs in html. Most of the art for this fic was done by my very good friend Nancy. Big mega thanks goes out to her! If it was not, it is credited to the artist who did it. Big thanks to the additional artists too. I'd also like to thank my friends at the Sailor Moon II board on aol and LiveJournal for giving me feedback and support, and helping me figure out some of the Japanese for the fic.

        Do not use any of the art or graphics on this site in any way, except for the purpose of linking to this site. This includes not claiming that you drew/colored them, and not using them/modifying them to make your own art. This art was created for my use and the use of the artists only. If you want art to use to make your own fansenshi, please use graphics of the original senshi, find a fanartist looking for work, or check out a SM coloring book site. ^_^ Whatever works. If you want to borrow some of the art for fanart reference of my characters, or just because you like looking at it, that's fine. I just don't want people doing anything with the art that could be called stealing.

        Please do not rip off my ideas. That having been said, I understand that we of the fansenshi community often inspire each other, and that's great. I just don't want my characters, civilian names, attacks, unique fukus, and weapons/talismans copied, as well as my basic story and ideas. If you were directly inspired by me, a little credit and a link would make me happy. ^_^

        An extra note about this: Unfortunately, some people have no problem looking like an unoriginal thief with no talent. I aspire to be a very original writer, and I believe if you read the story, you will find lots of concepts you have never seen in Sailor Moon fanfic before. So, I can't really help what other people do, but I'm going to try not to follow their example.

        Practically everything you see on my site was original (beyond the stuff that obviously came from the "Sailor Moon" series) when it popped into my little head. Any similarities to other fan senshi and fanfics is either coincidental, we were inspired by the same Sailor Moon/mythological concepts, they were inspired by me, or they're nicking it from me (I think most of you can tell the difference ~_^). I say this because I do not steal the ideas of others. If I want to use something, I ask the creator for permission and give them credit. I hope you do so too. :)

        The events of Sailormoon Dark: The Movie take place ten years after Sailormoon Dark.


1.) Ohmygawd, a "Sailor Moon" movie?! I've never heard of this one! Can I rent it?! Is it available for sale?!

        Sorry to tell you this, but if you think this is a real "Sailor Moon" movie, you're not reading closely enough. This is not a real, official SM movie. IT'S A MOVIE-LENGTH FANFIC. Meaning that it is a fan-written, non-official, non-animated, unreleased piece of fiction that will be about 90 to 120 pages in length, based in the Sailor Moon universe. It will be a sequel to my fanfic series, Sailormoon Dark. From now on, if I get anymore e-mails asking me when this new Sailor Moon movie will be out in the stores, I'm just ignoring them. Reading isn't that difficult, people, really. ~_^ You're doing it right now.

2.) The Messiah? Isn't it kind of sacreligious to call your character Sailormessiahmoon?

        You have to remember that Sailor Moon was created in Japan, where Christians make up only about 10% of the population. The symbols of unfamiliar religions are very fascinating to the Japanese, to the point that they do use them in their entertainment in ways that are sometimes inappropriate or incorrect. This is not done to desecrate the religions in any way--it's just a cultural misunderstanding. The use of a term like "Messiah" in Sailor Moon should really be considered in the context in which it was meant. I am using the term for this evolution of Sailor Moon so that my fic has the feel of the original Japanese series, and the original series used the term "Messiah." Plus, think of it this way--Sailor Moon is the Messiah of the moon, not of the Earth. I do not plan for Tuxedo Mask to have a "Messiah" transformation.