Here are links to other fansenshi pages and sites on the net. If you have a fansenshi somewhere on your site, let's trade links! (This page used to be a whoooole lot bigger, but so many sites have died that it's a bit bare and lonely now. Is anyone out there still creating fansenshi?)

Other FanSenshi and Sailormoon Sites (and such):


Defenders of the Realms --This site is growing fast, and it looks pretty good so far! ^_^

Other Friends:

Sailor Christmas dot com --Decking the halls gets an all new meaning when a new history teacher comes to Juuban High School so soon after the death of the previous history teacher. Also a mysterious new transfer student who gives everyone the cold shoulder arrives in Haruna-sensei's class. Watch and see as Holiday Senshi collide and suprises appear around every corner. Celebrate the holidays, Senshi style!

Clubs I belong to:

Fan Senshi on Yahoo --A group I started for... gee, could it be Fan Senshi? ;)

I am a member of the Dark Sailors Club.

Places to promote your fic or fansenshi:

Solarium of Solar Senshi --Pretty self-explanatory. ~_^ A whole site of Sailor Suns! Nori wants to take them all out to the karoake bar and buy them a round. The link to my fic is out of date here; if anyone knows where I can email the webmistress to get it fixed, let me know. That's if the site is still being updated, of course.

Other site-related links:

The Official Def Leppard Website
Jeffrey's Japanese-English Server --The best Japanese dictionary I have ever used on the internet. This helped me come up with just about all the Japanese names I use in my fic.
Encyclopedia Mythica --The best online resource I have ever seen for info on mythology. This site was essential in the creation of many of my fansenshi.
Web --Another site that was absolutely essential for element research for my fansenshi.

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