Some very kind people on the internet have gotten into SMD enough to want to draw some fanart of my characters. I really really appreciate that because I am one of the most narcissistic persons when it comes to my characters--I love having pictures of them!
        This page will feature all of the art done by you, the reader and viewer of SMD. My internet friends. ::group hug:: Thank you!
        Logo art done by Azura.

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Small Lady and Princess Nozomi in stained glass. Art by Nancy, effect applied by Snow Kelleher

If you would like to draw absolutely any of the characters in SMD, please look over art that has been done of them, read their descriptions, so on, then have at it. You MUST send me a scan/whatever of the art, though, since they are my characters. I don't want anyone drawing them for any other purpose. You can, of course, put the art on your own page too if you want, as long as you identify who the character is and who they belong to. I just want some credit for my character, you get me? ^_^

None of the pictures on this page are your property unless you are Laurel or the artist who drew them. (And I know YOU aren't Laurel, because that's me.) Do not take them or use them in any way without asking for permission.

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