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The episodes of Sailormoon Dark...

It's been a couple of years since the events of "Sailor Stars" ended, and it's time for the senshi to begin college. Full of the hopes and dreams of young girls, they discover at their prestigous university many new senshi who were unknown to them, new challenges, and a frightening new enemy. Usagi finds she must face her most dangerous enemy yet: Herself. Here she learns why the brightest light casts the darkest shadow.

The story is currently in progress, but I estimate it will be about 60 episodes long when it is done. Yeah, I know, long, but tell that to the characters; they run this show. ~_^

Episode 1: University Orientation I. The Broken Mirror!
Episode 2: University Orientation II. Unknown Senshi Save the Day
Episode 3: University Orientation III. An Opening Born of Fire
Episode 4: The Itsubun Gives Clues. We're Off to the Witch!
Episode 5: The Witches of Valhalla Charm the Present. Sailordarkcosmos Terrorizes the Future!
Episode 6: Triple Attack! Witch Hill, Underworld, Crystal Tokyo!
Episode 7: Flower Petals from an Artificial Sky. The Strange, Sad Life of Sailorcharon.
Episode 8: Right Under Their Noses. The Lair of Sailordarkcosmos.
Episode 9: The Birth of the Dark Daughter. Dolls and Cats and Seamonsters, Oh My!
Episode 10: Jupiter Rides the Lightning. Please Transform Me into Sailorcosmos!
Episode 11: Samantha Makes Contact. The Builder is Coming.
Episode 12: A Vision of the Void! The Bride Borrows Something Blue.
Episode 13: The Episode of Bad Luck! Attack of the Pervert Senshi Team.
Episode 14: The Episode After the Episode of Bad Luck. The Pervert Senshi Have a Pet for Show and Tell.
Episode 15: Memories Awaken. A Senshi Competition for Love.
Episode 16: The Javelin's Northern Course. Team Galileo's History.
Episode 17: The Passing of the Javelin. Cadmium and Tungsten's Primetime Program.
Episode 18: The Passing of the Javelin II. The Last Minute Dash.
Episode 19: Which Cosmos is Our Cosmos? The Stand of the Mirai Senshi.
Episode 20: The Battle that Spanned 900 Years. Vengeance Clouds the Mind.
Episode 21: Through the Gates of Time. Our Crystal Forest is Weeping.
Episode 22: Facing the Doors of Hell. Soldiers Must Never Lose Hope!
Episode 23: The Heart's Deepest Pit. The Decision of Thanatos.
Episode 24: Poisonous Sister. The Final Galileon.
Episode 25: The Final Galileon II. Ruby Eyes.
Episode 26: The Final Galileon III. The Snare of the Unbearable Past.
Episode 27: The Final Galileon IV. The Snare of the Unbearable Past II.
Episode 28: Cyber Cafe Ninjas? Sailor DarkV's Game Endless.
Episode 29: Who is Central Control? The Life of the Party, That's Who!
Episode 30: The Long-Hidden Secret. Central Control Takes a Step into the Light.
Episode 31: The Greenhouse Battle! Senshi Hearts Beat with Worry.
Episode 32: A Twist of Fate. Father's Strong-Willed Girl.
Episode 33: Dreaming in Sync. The Morpheus Coma.
Episode 34: Loose Ends. Home Sweet Hell.
Episode 35: Partnership. A Rune Divided.
Episode 36: A Rune Divided II. The Fortunetelling Trident.
Episode 37: A Rune Divided III. Bad Luck Fortune Cookie.

More to come!

Fanfiction --Fanfiction written about this fanfiction! :D

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