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Sailorsparrow Sailorshrike
Sailorsparrow Sailorshrike

        Sailorsparrow and Sailorshrike are both members of the Phoenix Senshi, a mysterious group about which not much is known, at least to most of the existing senshi. The Elemental Senshi were from various planets, and they each held the power of a different element from the Periodic Table. The Phoenix Senshi came from another solar system of planets named for birds, the Phoenix System (named for the legendary, mythological bird that rose from its own ashes). When our solar system was attacked, many of the Elementals and Phoenix senshi died in the battle. Their souls were sent to the future with the others, but unfortunately, some of these souls were mixed with those of other senshi in their reincarnated bodies. This usually produced a confused, easily manipulated senshi because of the resulting bipolar nature of their personalities. Evil can be a disastrous influence on them.
        I've wanted to use these two Phoenix senshi in the story as more than just one-shot characters, but for some reason, I've been very blocked on coming up with many details for them. I thought, then, that this would be a great opportunity for me to have my first contest ever!
        What we know: Sailorheliumsparrow was one of the mixed-up senshi corrupted by evil, who helped attack Sailormars. She was "healed" and separated into Sailorhelium and Sailorsparrow; or rather, Sailorsparrow's Shield (her power center) flew off to find her. That was the last we heard of her in the story. Sailorcalciumshrike will appear later in the fic, taking part in Darkpluto's attack on the senshi. Once they are separated, Shrike will be free to pursue her own part in the story.
        So, what is their story? I don't necessarily have trouble with their names and attacks, although you can suggest those things if you are so inclined. Episode 35 got Sparrow and Shrike talking to me quite a bit, so I now have a great deal of their histories down. There are still details to be filled in, though.
        Do YOU have any ideas? Write them up and submit them to me! I will take the best of these ideas and use them in my story. I have several Sailor Moon items I could give away as prizes, including Japanese coloring books; a novelty make-up set; tapes; and edited pictures of your own characters, if you have any (done in the style of the Sparrow and Shrike images above). The winner(s) can choose which they want. I'm easy on this. :)
        As for when the contest will end, right now I'd say whenever I get all the ideas I want. I've gotten some very good ones so far, and I'm looking for even more to really get my mind working.
        By entering this contest, you are giving me permission to use the creative ideas submitted as I see fit, including "tweaking" them if I feel the need. Your submission could be used verbatim, or it could be used as a brainstorming tool for more ideas based on yours. Some ideas submitted by different entrants may be combined if it creates something I really like. If any of your ideas are used in the makeup of Sparrow and/or Shrike, you will receive a prize.
        As I said, Episode 35 filled in quite a bit, and a few of the ideas came from YOU GUYS, the readers of SM Dark! ^_^ Here are some new facts that we know:
  • Abenti suggested jokingly that one of the Birds could have an attack where the enemy is tickled to death by feathers. That is such a natural for Sailorsparrow that she will be given an attack where feathers tickle her enemy into submission.
  • Moosie suggested that Sailorshrike be into sword fighting. A natural for her; it fits her! Shrike fences as a hobby (sword fighting, not selling stolen goods ~_^).
  • Mandy suggested that Sparrow and Shrike be cousins. This fit the best. In both lives, this is how they were/are related.
Additional details, including more contest entries that I decided to use, will be on the following separate page because they will include massive spoilers:

Additional Sparrow/Shrike Details - Contains Massive SMD Spoilers!

If you would like to participate further in this contest, you should probably read this spoiler page. It contains important info on Sparrow and Shrike as I know it so far.

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If you have any trouble with the form (such as, if your entry turns out to be too long to be submitted that way), please send your entry to my e-mail address instead. I'd prefer you use the form if it's possible. As a note, I do not take entries by Instant Message.

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