Awards I've Won

Some people have been kind enough to give me an award because they liked my site. ^_^ These are the ones I have received.

The Mighty Mascot Award
Pinky gave me this one!

Favorite Site of January 2001
This one comes from Kira/Alania, who is working on her own web site right now. She said I got this award for being one of her favorite sites of January 2001.

The Most Hits!

Announcement Box
Duo's Fanfic Palace
Proudly presents the site with the most hits! Congratz to Sailor Moon Dark!

Not a Token Award ~_^
My online buddy Ayako gave me this award! She has a really fun and informative Shakespeare site you should visit. And she likes to receive Christmas cards. ~_^

The Beautiful Site Award
A pretty award given to me by Angel. ^_^

Charon's Award for a Great Otaku Senshi Fanfiction
An award from Lori! I'm so honored.

Sailor Jackal's Award for Original Senshi
Sailor Jackal's Award for Great Fanfics
Sailor Jackal's Award for Best Senshi Site
Three awards from Sailor Jackal. Thank you very much! ^_____^

The Galactic Sailor Pets' Award of Creativity
A cute award from the webmaster of Sailor Twilight's Space.

Thanks to everyone who thought enough of my site to award me. ^_^

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