Let's Bowling!

        This page will feature fun pictures of my senshi with other senshi at the bowling alley! What? Sounds weird? Well let me explain... I've had this running joke for awhile that any two people who could not be more mismatched, or who are such a perfect match that they could be twins, should "go bowling." I think it started with the metalhead's joke in The Breakfast Club that his abusive dad and Andy's smothering dad should "go bowling." It's funny! So anytime I encounter another senshi that has the same name (such as Sailorcharon and SailorCharon) or the same power source (such as Sailorsun and Sailor Apollo) as one of mine, I always think that they should "go bowling." Viola! This page was born.
        As I said, this page will feature art of my senshi and others at the bowling alley; that includes actual bowling, hanging out in the bar, playing with the jukebox and arcade machines, and anything else one could do in a bowling alley. Enjoy!
        Oh, the title of this page ("Let's bowling!") comes from an episode of "Sailormoon S" where Daimons come out to ask the senshi to dance, and they cry, "Let's dancing!" This always cracked me up, soooo...
        Logo and background bowling ball art by Snow Kelleher.

Not much here yet; more later!

None of the pictures on this page are your property. Do not take them or use them in any way without asking for permission.

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