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More recent updates

January 26, 2008: CTB - Added several new stories, including ones by Laurel, Emma DeMarais, Melody, and Elynross. Also made some changes to the structure of the story pages so they are easier to print. Some pages got new graphics because of this.

January 11, 2008: Ring - Added Days 22-24.

December 13, 2007: CTB - Combined the Adult page with the page for regular stories.

November 26, 2007: Ring - Added Day 21.

October 11, 2007: Ring - Added thumbnails to all the pages of Cursed Tape Images, which rearranged the structure of those pages a bit.

October 3, 2007: Ring - Added Day 20.

September 12, 2007: BBMM - Added a new chapter of "Lacerated Sky," chp 4.

August 23, 2007: CTB and BBMM - Added the new story "The Generation of 1954."

July 6, 2007: BBMM - Added a new chapter of "Seize the Day, Suffer the Night," Hour 3.

June 17, 2007: Ring - Added Day 19. Can you tell I recently had a vacation? ;)

June 15, 2007: Ring - Added Day 18.

June 11, 2007: BBMM - Added a new chapter of "Seize the Day, Suffer the Night," Hour 2.

June 7, 2007: BBMM - Added a new chapter of "Lacerated Sky," Chp 3.

May 3, 2007: Brokeback Mothman - The site, she is open! A little sparse, but open.

April 17, 2007: Ring - Added Days 14-17.

March 16, 2007: Ring - Added profiles for the following characters: Anna Morgan, Vanessa, Svetlana Van Curen, Gunnar Taylor, Lisa Barrister, Ashland, Vicki Friedricks, and Christina Sawyer. Added 113 new screencaps from the various cursed tapes.

March 10, 2007: Ring - Added Day 13. In mid-February, I also added the second chapter of "Lacerated Sky" (linked below).

February 1, 2007: Ring - Added Days 9-12.

January 15, 2007: CTB - Added two new stories, "Old Forgotten Words or Ancient Melodies" by Deejay and "At the Movies" by Melody.
Also added two new stories to new sites that are not finished yet. Yeah, I know that's weird, but sites take time. :D You can still read the stories, though. There's a "Dark Angel" story called Piano Lessons and a "Supernatural" story called Hidden Journal. I also added another "Supernatural" story in mid-December called Lacerated Sky. The corresponding sites will be up soon.

December 14, 2006: CTB - Added the new story, "Saner Times," by Laurel. Alva/Paul.

November 14, 2006: Ring - Added Day 8.

November 7, 2006: Ring - Added 110 cursed tape images (screencaps).

October 30, 2006: Ring - Added Day 7.

October 19, 2006: Ring - Added Days 5 and 6.

October 8, 2006: Ring - Added Day 4.

October 3, 2006: Ring - Added profiles for Samara Morgan, Charlotte Sawyer, Quinn Kirkland, Jodie Searling, Jolene Searling, Danica Kirkland, Professor Lassiter McNeal, Shannon Evers, Stacy Ballard, Beckett Taylor, and Dean, Sam, and John Winchester.

October 1, 2006: Ring - Added Days 2 and 3.

September 21, 2006: Ring - Added a new website for my fanfic series for "The Ring," primarily. Chapter 1 is up.

September 11, 2006: CTB - Added Heather L.'s new story "Dirty Trick" to the Only After Dark page.

August 23, 2006: CTB - Added the new story "Orange-Flavored Kiss" by Laurel. Also added profiles for original characters Leighandra, Savannah, and Eric.

August 22, 2006: CTB - Added a new story by Heather L., "Reach Out and Touch Someone." And this resets the Paul Callan Head Injury Clock! Count reached 102 days, 19 hours before it was reset.

August 11, 2006: CTB - Added a new story, "Pavlovian Dog" by Laurel.

July 22, 2006: CTB - Added two new stories, "Distant Voice..." by Laurel, and "Afternoon Delight" by Mere.

July 11, 2006: SMD - Added new episode summaries.

July 9, 2006: SMD - Added Episode 36! Also added four new pieces of fanart. Sorry for the lack of updates for so long. The last year has been kinda bad in a lot of ways, and my computer is dying a slow death. But I will not give up on this fanfic. ^_^

June 15, 2006: CTB - Added a new story by me, Laurel.

May 12, 2006: CTB - Added three new stories to the Only After Dark page, and reset the Head Injury Clock.

February 27, 2006: CTB - Added profiles for a few fan-created characters and cross-over characters.

February 25, 2006: CTB - Added my new story, "You Can't Help Who You Are," to the site. The Head Injury Clock stands where it is! (No lamp to the noggin for Paul.)

February 2, 2006: CTB - Added a new story (by Kaija) to the Only After Dark page. Reset the Paul Head Injury Clock again! ^_^

January 20, 2006: CTB - Retooled the Main page with a few new graphics. Happy Birthday Skeet Ulrich!

January 14, 2006: CTB - Added two new stories to the Adult page, Only After Dark, including a new one by me (Laurel). Reset the Paul Callan Head Injury Clock.
NepC - Added a new story (the same one added to CTB's Adult page).

November 28, 2005: SMD - Added two new pieces of fanart, new Episode Summaries, and new songs to the Soundtrack.
SMD Movie - Added new songs to the Soundtrack.
SMM - Added new songs to the Soundtrack.
Cross to Bear - Added a new story by ELG.

September 23, 2005: SMD - Added a new Sister Site, and cleaned out some old ones that had gone away to that great website heaven in the sky. Also added some new Sprites, and made a page for Live Action SMD. This moved a few things around.

September 3, 2005: SMD and CTB - Moved the Soundtracks of these sites to new digs. A new song was added to the CTB Soundtrack at the time.

August 14, 2005: SMD - Added some new Episode Synopsises to the Cliff Notes (Spoiler) page.

July 26, 2005: SMD - Added a new piece of fanart of Sailorelysion. Also added several new polls. Some of the characters were juggled around to put them on the new polls, since they fit better there (for example, Sailorelysion and Sailorodin were moved to the Uncategorizical poll, and so on). Start voting! ^_^

July 17, 2005: CTB - Added the new story "We Were the Dead" by moi (Laurel). Also added the Paul Callan Head Injury Clock (look at the page where all the stories are located to see how long Paul has gone without a head injury, lol). And finally, added new profiles for fan-created characters Lassiter McNeal and Julietta Santos.

April 29, 2005: CTB - Added new Audio Commentary Fanfic Challenges to the Fun Page.

March 28, 2005: SMD - Added new Episode 35! Sorry this took such a long time to type. I actually finished the ep in February, but then I got mugged and fell down while wrestling over my purse with the thief; my finger was broken in this fall. It kinda slowed me down. O_o Several profiles were updated, the contest page was updated, and a new Live Action section was added to the Fan Art page (page 2) because I wasn't sure where else to put it at this time.

March 3, 2005: CTB and NepC - Updated the ratings system to reflect new, fan-created ratings.

February 7, 2005: CTB - Added new stories by Jill Kirby and Jyllaroo. Also added The Miracles Fen Glossary.

January 14, 2005: CTB - Added new stories by Deejay and Devi, and added humorous new Alva-centric Episode Summaries by Deejay.
NepC - Added the new story "My So-Called Love Life" to the archive, which opens up the "My So-Called Life" section.

September 22, 2004: SMD - Fixed a couple of links to reflect their new location, and extended the deadline for the contest. For the curious, the reason why updates have been so sparse the last few months is because I've had many personal/family problems that have kept me from writing and website stuff. Besides being in the hospital twice this year myself with gall bladder problems (which was taken out and given a good whoopin' in July), my father was hospitalized also for over two months and had to have a triple bypass. Top that off with me having to move twice because of all these problems (it's complicated, don't ask) and you've got a lot less time for fanfic and sites. :( Everything is starting to even out now, so I should be back to work on fanfic soon.

July 5, 2004: SMD - Added pictures of Sailorsparrow and Sailorshrike to accompany SMD's first ever contest! Check out the link on the main page to see what it's all about.

June 27, 2004: SMD - Added a new piece of fanart by Abenti! Also made updates to the profiles of Skull of History and Sailortriton to reflect new powers created for them by one of my readers, Sailor Marla. (She actually sent these in quite a while ago, but this year has been really hairy. ^_^;;) I'm working on SMD's first ever contest, and the next episode.

June 10, 2004: SMD - Added a new piece of fanart by Abenti and a new link.

April 23, 2004: CTB - Added a new story by me ("Go Straight to Hell..."). Also added another new dream to "My Miracles Dreams" and a new challenge.

April 16, 2004: CTB - Added a new story by Heather Bruton and a few new Fic Challenges. Oh, and added a new dream to My Miracles Dreams.

April 7, 2004: SMD - Added a new piece of fanart from Abenti.
CTB - Added a new story by Argento, plus pictures of a couple of Fan-created characters.
Nep C - Added the new story, "Restless Knight."

March 31, 2004: CTB - Added several new stories, including ones by Argento, Devi, and Laurel (me). Please check the Stories page for those. Also added new challenges.

March 25, 2004: CTB - Added profiles to the Photos page for the major canon characters. Also updated the fic challenges, including adding new Picture Challenges.

March 15, 2004: SMD - Added new Episode 34, finally! ^____^ Also made updates to the profile of Sailorodin.

March 12, 2004: CTB - The Soundtrack section is now up with several songs on it. Enjoy!

February 26, 2004: CTB - Added the new story by Argento, "Paul's Friday 13th." Added new dreams to My Miracles Dreams. Updated and added new fic challenges.

February 7, 2004: CTB - Added the new story "Ask Tommy." Added the narrative contents of the cursed tape to "Alva Keel's Ring Diary." Updated the Miracles Dreams narrative, and made a couple of small changes to the story, "Where is My Tunnel of Light?"

February 2, 2004: CTB - Updated the Fic Challenges. New stories are on the way! ::rubs hands together in anticipation::

January 25, 2004: CTB - Added ducky's new story, "The Hand of Fido," plus a new fic challenge.
SM Dark - Added three new pieces of fanart.

January 24, 2004: CTB - Deejay was nice enough to contribute her story, "Playing Peek-a-Boo" to the site. ^_^ Also added a guestbook and a Site Map.

January 22, 2004: CTB - Added the new story, "Where is My Tunnel of Light?"

January 18, 2004: Announcing the debut of Cross to Bear, my "Miracles" fanfic archive! It needs a little work, but the basics are up.

December 23, 2003: Nep C - Added the story "The Lesson Part 1 and 2."

December 21, 2003: SMD--Added two new pieces of fanart. I'm sorry for the delay in getting ep. 34 done. Just had a lot of stuff going on. It's partially written, and hopefully will be done soon.

November 13, 2003: SMD--Added three new pieces of fanart, 1 spoiler pic, and 1 new royalty pic. Updated the following profiles a bit: Cosmos, Darkcosmos, Vulcan, Elysion, Paku, Comet, Hyperion, Altrusia, and Sailorskull of Question.

November 4, 2003: SMD--Added 5 new pieces of fanart, and one new picture of Miraineptune performing her Tsunami Surging attack. Also added new attacks for Team Galileo created for me by one of my readers, Sailor Morrigan.

October 28, 2003: Starting moving the entire site to its new location.

October 9, 2003: SMD--Added new fanart of Sailortriton.
SMD Movie--Did some updates to the layout. Added new fanart of the main character (whose name I am not putting here because it's a spoiler). Also added a picture of her staff. Added a couple of new pages, like a FAQ page.

September 19, 2003: SMD--Updated all of the Witches' profiles. One of my readers named Sailor Marla created a power for each of them, and I liked them a lot, so I agreed to use them. ^_^ Check it out!

September 10, 2003: SMD--Added episode 33! Working on the next ep.

August 24, 2003: Chara and SOPI--Made a few layout changes, and graphic changes, just to make things look nice. :)

August 12, 2003: SMD--Added a picture of Sailormanganese, a new piece of fanart of Tsukino-sama, and our first ever fanfic! The new episode is in the process of being written.
SOPI--Added new pics of Edge, Clarissa, Penelope, and a pic of Nan the biker (to the Minor page).

July 27, 2003: SMD--Added another new piece of fanart.

July 17, 2003: SMD--Put up a new piece of fanart for me to marry. ~_^
Nep C--Put up chapter 2 of the Tenshi story. Finally. (Woo, that took me a long time to get to editing, and the actual editing only took two or three days. ^_^;;;)

July 11, 2003: SMD--New episode #32 is up! Enjoy! Also added a new piece of fanart from Sailorplanet. Thank you, I just love it! ^_^ (But I love all my fanart. I'm going to marry it!) Oh, and I have decided to take down the page that has text (.txt) versions of my episodes. It's just too much of a pain to maintain the eps in two different formats and places. If you would like to read any of the episodes offline, and require a .txt version to do so, you can save the episode as a txt file. Then you can read it on your computer at your leisure. ^_^ Enjoy the updates!

July 4, 2003: SMD--Added the following new pics: 2 spoiler pics, Taisha Idou, E the Angel, Julian, Princess Comet, 2 group pics, Destiny Blade, and a pic of Wise Man. The new episode will be done within a week, unless there are unforeseen circumstances.
SMD Movie: Added a new picture of Sailordaehok.
SOPI: Added new pics of Dagger and Edge, Edge alone, Mance and Dahlia, Edge's dog Mukluk and his mother (the dog's), and "real life" pictures of Sparrow and Clarissa. Also added a link to the "Ringu/The Ring"-style story page.

June 8, 2003: SMD--Added a new poll. I know everyone wants more episodes, so let me give you the short story. I ran out of space on my paid site account, which means I had no more room to upload anything, which stressed me out and gave me writer's block since I couldn't figure out what to do. Then, I was finally able to upgrade my account and I now have 100mbs to work with. So, a new episode will be done shortly. I hope to start on the one after that immediately so I can catch up. If I can help it, I like to get at least one episode out per month, and I'm behind now.

April 7, 2003: SMD--Did some updating to the following profiles: Miraiuranus, Miraineptune, Deadearth, Silver, Hel, Neon, Prince Ganymede, Hypnos, Chronus, Chromium, Xenon, Nemesis, Silicon, Thanatos, Selenium, Molybdenum, Miranda, Altrusia, and Skull of Index.
SMD Movie: Added a profile for Soldierchronus and Sailorsupernova.

March 30, 2003: SMD & SMM--Added a new sister site! One of these days, I gotta get my sisters up on the Movie page too. ^_^

March 28, 2003: SMD--Episodes 30 and 31 are up on the site! Enjoy!

February 9, 2003: SMD--Episode 29 is out now! I really wanted to get it out by the end of January, but different real life distractions delayed me a couple of weeks. Enjoy anyway! ^_^ Also added a new spoiler pic, and a new anime-style pic of Deadearth.

January 23, 2003: SMD--I have put the Soundtrack back up on a free server, so you can visit it again. It's not as reliable as a paid server would be, but what can I say, I'm bah-roke. Gimme money. ~_^ Anyway, enjoy it! Episode 29 is in the works.

January 9, 2003: SMD--Sorry, but the Soundtrack will have to stay shut down for an indefinite period of time. I simply can't afford the extra bandwidth right now. I'll try to get it back up soon.
Added new pictures of: Sailorsilicon, Molybdenum, Selenium, DarkV, a spoiler picture, Princess Sun, Mannaka, and two new pieces of fanart.

December 21, 2002: SMD--Okay, I got hit by a truck two days in a row. ~_^ Episode 28 is out today! Enjoy! Also added a new piece of fanart. Yaaaaay! Work begins on episode 29 now. ^___^

December 12, 2002: SMD--Added a new link, and updated Yule's profile. I also fixed a couple of the Brooch pictures that I didn't totally like. Episode 28 should be out within a week, unless I get hit by a big MAC truck or something. ::knocks on wooden head::

December 2, 2002: SMD--I'm sorry, but I had to shut down the Soundtrack temporarily because of problems I'm having with my site server. It should be back up sometime around January 15th, 2003. Just so you guys know, I am trying to get episode 28 out, but real life difficulties are keeping me from making much headway. Please be patient, and thank you. ^_^

October 22, 2002: SMD--Made some major layout updates and added a site map. Hope you like it!

October 19, 2002: SMD--Added new fanart from Lizzard and several new awards.

October 8, 2002: SMD--Added new pictures, including: Argo, fanart, Silver, Nathan's bunnies, spoiler art, and Triton.

September 21, 2002: SMD--Updated the FAQ and a few profiles, including Chlorine, Xenon, Ganymede, Io, Pulsar and Quasar, and Sparta.

September 15, 2002: SMD--Added new pictures of Sailorio and Queen Saturn.
SOPI--Added a picture of Setsumei and Zena.

September 12, 2002: SMD--Added a new picture of Soldierchlorine.

September 8, 2002: SMD--The revisions are done! I am also adding episodes 26 and 27 today. Enjoy! Also gained a new Sister Site!

September 3, 2002: SMD--I had a falling out with one of my sister sites, so some changes are necessary to the site to take out her contribution to it. I'll be starting those changes today, and continue until I am done, which could take a few days. It won't have a huge effect on the story, but those changes will be noted anyway. You'll see what I mean. ^_^ Episodes 26 and 27 should be out very very soon; they're done, I just need to finish typing, revise them a little, and proofread.

August 23, 2002: SMD--Added a new piece of fanart. ^_^

August 17, 2002: Added the first chapter of a new story to Neptunian Cheesecake, written by me and my friend K-kitty. If you're reading those stories, enjoy!

August 12, 2002: SMD--Added three new transformation wand/brooch pictures. Also added a new banner made for me by one of my sistahs, Vanessa. :D

August 2, 2002: SMD--Added several new pictures of transformation wands, one new group picture, and a new profile pic for Hotaru/Sailorsaturn. Also gave out the first Bitch Award! Oh, and I gained a new Sister Site! Yay! ^_^

July 29, 2002: Just can't leave the site alone this week! SMD Movie and SMM--made a few layout updates. They're small, but I love the differences. ^_^ Oh, and one of the characters from SMD, Sailorsupernova, was finally "convinced" to appear in the Movie instead, so her picture was moved to that part of the site. I've been trying to get some of the overflow of charas from SMD moved to other stories, so it's nice to have one "agree" to it. No, I do not really talk to my characters; it's just a fun way to refer to how I make writing decisions. ~_^
SMD--Added a new piece of fanart for the Let's Bowling page, from Snow-chan! We're very silly.

July 26, 2002: SMD--Added a whole bunch of new polls. I also updated a bunch of the profiles.

July 24, 2002: SMD--New episode 25 is up! Enjoy! I also added many new pictures, including transformation wands (linked from the Profiles page), a couple new group pics, and a few new Royalty pics. There's also a new individual pic of Kazan (Io) and Sailoricarus. I'll also be adding a new piece of fanart within a day or two, as soon as I can remember to get the thumbnail made for it (oops!).
SMD Movie--Added a picture of Sailordaehok.
SMM--Added a new pic of Sailormiraisun.
SOPI--Added a new pic of Leslie.
I also wanted to make the note that wherever you see the name Nancy Loney on this site, please allow your brain to reinterpret that as just Nancy. ~_^ She is in the process of changing her name, and it's far too much work to fix the hundreds of pages on this site to read just Nancy. Plus there's the fact that most of the pictures are signed "Nancy Loney"... well, it's just easier this way. @_@

June 13, 2002: SMD--Added new episode 24! Hope you enjoy reading it. ^_^

May 30, 2002: SMD--Added new pics and profiles for several of the animal guardians, and a couple new Siggy Awards.

May 24, 2002: SMD--Episode 23 is up! Enjoy! Also added some new pictures to the Profiles page, Group page, and the Art page. Since I have them right here next to me, I will detail exactly which pics I added (don't get used to this; I'm rarely this organized): Thanatos, Hypnos, Xenonkingfisher, Xenon, Radonpeacock, Chromium, Sailorcosmos from episode 19, and a group picture of (some of) Team Galileo in a promo pic for episode 24. Oh, and there's one new Siggy Award too.

May 13, 2002: SMM--Messed with the layout of SMM a little, adding a new logo. Not much, but I like the way it looks. :)

May 4, 2002: SMD--A new episode is up! #22! I don't think there's anything else that's new, except some new stuff added to the FAQ page.

April 16, 2002: Began moving The Character Factory to its new, permanent home on my own domain. ^_^

March 13, 2002: SMD--Added new episode 21! Also added some new pictures and profiles, new fanart, and a new webring.
SMD Movie--Added some new pictures to the Characters page.
SMM--Added a new picture to the Group page, and redid the navigation buttons. Purty!

February 4, 2002: SMD--Changed some of the polls on the Feed the Kitty page, to make one of them better, and to add a new one. :)

January 19, 2002: SMD--Added new episode 20! Also added new fanart by Sumi. ^_^ There are new polls up on the Feed the Kitty page too!

December 31, 2001: Began moving the whole kit n' caboodle (Character Factory and SM Dark) to a new location. Freeservers is doing all it can to encourage freeloading users like me who don't want to pay them for the webspace to leave, so I'm taking the hint and getting the fork out of Dodge. Hopefully in the new year, I'll be able to get my own domain and be done with all this moving around.

December 27, 2001: SOPI--Added new pics of Holly and Dagger.
SMD--Added a few new pictures and a few new profiles. Another episode is coming up soon, the holidays just really slowed me down. Oh, I also rearranged the links page so it would be better organized.
SMD Movie and SMM--Added story teasers so you guys will have an idea just what these series will be about.

December 4, 2001: SOPI--Updated Gunnar and Reed's profiles.

November 29, 2001: SMD--Added several new pictures (including group ones), added a new sister site, and moved the location of the soundtrack to its own little place on the web. It was taking up too much room at altrusia.tripod, which I use for an unrelated site, and since I'm only going to add more songs, I figured it needed its own place. Gen and Maba-chan (Quasar and Pulsar) will be hosting that part of the site from now on.
SMD Movie--Added a couple of new pictures of how some current charas will look for the movie.
SMM--Added a picture of one of the new charas.

November 12, 2001: SOPI: Added a profile for Greta.

November 10, 2001: SMD--Created a new webring and updated more of the profiles. Also added a new link.

November 2, 2001: SMD--Added some new spoiler pics, a couple new pics of existing characters, and a new group pic.
SMD Movie--Added a couple new pics, including one of Sailormedusa.
SMM--Added the new group pics page, with a few new group pics.

October 29, 2001: SMD--Got that new episode done sooner than I thought! Episode 19 is now up for your reading pleasure. Also added a link for you to join my webrings, if you so please. ^_^

October 27, 2001: SMD--Updated several of the profiles. A new episode will be done very soon!
LotL--Updated all profiles.

October 8, 2001: SMD--Messed with the layout further, and added background music. Added one new midi to the sound page. Also added two new awards! ^_^

October 1, 2001: SMD--Messed with the layout some more.

September 28, 2001: SMD--Made some major changes to the layout of both the splash page and the main page. Hope you likie! Added new group and fan art, as well as art that reflects the layout change. Also added a page for the future sequel to SMD, Sailormoon Mirai. Of course there's not much there yet since it won't be written until SMD is done.

September 16, 2001: SMD--Added a site for the future SMD movie, which caused other changes to the SMD site as a whole. The official name of the site now is The Sailormoon Dark Book of Lost Writings. Linking to it with just "Sailormoon Dark" is fine, or you can use the longer name. I also put up a couple of graphics to show my support for America after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11.

September 10, 2001: SMD--Episodes 17 and 18 are up! Some new pictures were added for individual characters that didn't have pics up before. I also added a request for writers looking for rpgs to play in to audition for some charas I need.

August 18, 2001: SMD--Added some new versions of pictures that were previously on the site, because they have been shaded by my friend Snow. :) Also added a new piece of fanart done by my friend Rebecca.

August 10, 2001: SMD--Changed all the links to the Soundtrack page, because I had to move all my sounds to a new site on Tripod. Also added a couple of new links.

August 2, 2001: SMD--Added some new Royalty pics, some pics of individual characters, and updated some of the profiles. A few are still incomplete. The Profiles page was retooled a bit too.
SOPI--Added a new pic of Holly and a new profile and pic for Jodie. The background of the main page was changed; I'll try it out and see how I like it.

July 23, 2001: Added the last few chapters to the Sir and His Little One story on Neptunian Cheesecake. The story is now done!

July 13, 2001: SMD--Friday the 13th!! Ch ch ch, ah ah ah... Wouldn't it be fitting if I was releasing episode 13 today? But no, that one is already done. Today I am releasing episode 16!! ENJOY! New profiles added for Sailoreuropa and Lappie, although they are incomplete. I'm working on updating the profiles that need it, trust me. Added a new link or two. I think that's all.
Nep C--Added two new chapters to the "Sir and His Little One" story.

July 5, 2001: SMD--No new eps yet, but there have been enough changes to make note of the update. Added two new pages for Awards you can win, and a silly page about the senshi bowling team. Combined the Profiles page and the Art page, so the Art page is no more. It's something I would have had to do eventually anyway, so I just felt like doing it now. Added a new piece of fanart and a new piece of spoiler art. I also wanted to make note of the fact that I added a webforum to the site, just to give you readers several choices for how to give me feedback. You've got e-mail, the comment form, the guest book, and now the webforum to let me know what you think, so please feed the kitty. ~_^

June 18, 2001: SMD--Episode 15 is up! Added a page for spoilers, new Royal art, new fanart, some new pictures of individual characters (which can be seen on the Art Page as well as individual profiles), and new Group pics. Added a new Award some time since the last update. Please take note of the e-mail address change at which you can reach me. Chickmail dies on June 30, so that address will no longer function then. I'm still working on getting those profiles updated, and pictures shaded. My friend Snow has been shading some of the pics for me; thank you Snow!!!!
Chara Factory: Added new pics of Dagger and Holly. Also changed the Splash page pic into a new Group pic of some of the 2290 girls (so there's a new pic on the Group page too). Again, note the e-mail address change.

May 4, 2001: Added a new pic to Neptunian Cheesecake of Leslie and Iyami. I'm working on getting a new chapter of the Sir and Little One story up too.

April 21, 2001: SMD--Episodes 13 and 14 are up! Added a buttload of other new things too, including new profiles, new group pics, a new Royalty pic, and a few other changes. Some of the profiles are currently incomplete, but I'll be working on fixing those up soon. Also, a few of the new pictures have not been shaded yet. Have I mentioned that I HATE shading? I'll work on that soon too. Once I get it set up, I should be adding a new way for you to join the Updates mailing list too, if you desire--the new way will be easier for me. Oh, there are also some new logos, and I made a couple changes to a past episode or two because I have decided that Mirai Mugen has been open for about two years already. Enjoooooy!

March 28, 2001: SMD--Edited some of the graphics on the Chara Profiles page to reflect a new skill I learned in Paint Shop Pro. ^_^ Aren't they neat?

March 25, 2001: SMD--Added a new background to Sailorblackhole's page, made for me by my friend Snow. ^_^ Episode 13 is almost done being written. Then it has to be typed, of course, so all you ankle-biters nipping at my heels will have to wait just a little bit longer. ::throws you guys a steak:: :-D

March 10, 2001: SMD--Added some new banners. That is all. ~_^

March 9, 2001: SMD--Finally got Blackhole and Hathor's profiles fully updated. Also added some new things to Sun and Charon's profiles, just ideas that have been kicking around in my head for a long time but didn't get typed up until now.

March 3, 2001: SMD--Added several new things to SMD, including new fanart, a page for Royalty pics, a new award, and a list of my sister sites.
Nep Cheesecake--Had to move Neptunian Cheesecake again, to Tripod. Hopefully this one will stay around for awhile. A few changes were made to it before it was moved.

February 14, 2001: Chara Factory--Added a new picture of Dagger to balance out the layout of the main page. This picture will probably be edited somewhat within the next week; I couldn't get it to look exactly how I wanted it because I am having a lot of problems with my scanner right now.
Neptunian Cheescake--Added a few new chapters to the Muni/Clarissa story, and a new picture.

February 1, 2001: SMD--Episodes 10, 11, and 12 are up! I added a few new profiles for the new characters, though some of them are currently incomplete. Added some new pictures. Added some new group pictures. Added an Awards page. Changed the layout a bit. Updated what needed to be updated. Added a buttload of new songs to the Soundtrack page.
Chara Factory--Changed the layout of the first page. I don't like it, but it will do until I can make a second picture to go with Holly's that will balance it out the way I like it. I wanted to put all the buttons next to Holly's pic, but they wouldn't fit! Woops. Oh weeeeell. At least now I have a use for a gorgeous picture of Dagger that Nancy drew that I wasn't sure how I was going to use on the first page like I had planned.

December 27, 2000: SOPI--Added a profile for Dahlia Dophim. Sometime recently, I also added banners for Neptunian Cheesecake.
SMD--Added a new piece of fanart, a very funny one of Siggy! Heehee! Also made a few small changes in the Witches' profiles to reflect the fact that Glen is royalty too. ^_^;

December 5, 2000: SMD--Added a new piece of fanart.

November 19, 2000: SMD--Episodes 8 and 9 are up! I also added some new profiles and pictures of new characters. There is also a new group pic, new songs added to the Soundtrack, and a couple of layout changes. Enjoy!

October 18, 2000: SMD--Four new pictures added to the group art page.

October 16, 2000: SMD--Profiles are up for the new characters in eps 6 and 7.

October 10, 2000: SMD--Episodes 6 and 7 are now up! I will be getting the corresponding character profiles up as quickly as I can. Enjoy! Also added a picture of Soldierchlorine done by Rebecca, and changed a few things in the layout.

October 4, 2000: SMD--Added a picture of Sailorosmium done by Rebecca.

September 28, 2000: SMD--Added two new fanart pictures of Sailorcharon and a joke senshi, drawn by my friend Rebecca. ^_^ Also added a pic of Sailorsulphur. Two new episodes will be up as soon as I can get them typed, and the corresponding character profiles done.

September 17, 2000: SMD--Updated the Soundtrack page with lots of new songs in a new format that should improve download time. The next episode is written; I just need to type it. I'm trying to decide if I want to type this one, or go on to hand-writing the next episode after this one and then type them both at once. It would mean releasing more than one episode at one time, but it will take me longer to get them out.

August 11, 2000: SMD--Added some new group pics and new pics of other charas who have and have not appeared in the fic yet, redid the front door page with a new pic of Sailorsun, and added a button for the guestbook. The next episode is being written.

July 8, 2000: SMD--Episode 5 is up! Added new profiles, added some new group pics, and fine-tuned some things that needed it. Enjoy!

June 27, 2000: SMD--Added some new pics to the Group Art page (guess I've been having fun lately coloring those group pics ^_^ ), and fixed a few things I forgot on other pages. New episodes are being written right at this moment (well, not at *this* moment--I can't type and handwrite at the same time ~_^ ).

June 24, 2000: SMD--Added a custom counter for the fun of it. Also added a comment form so I can get some feedback on what I'm doing right. Please take the time to fill it out; I'd really like that.

June 7, 2000: SMD--Added some new pictures to the Group Art page, and a new picture of 'Ruki (Sailorcharon) in casual clothes. The last couple of weeks I've been organizing all my mythological and elemental research so I can really outline and plan the events in this story, which will help me get episodes written faster. That's always good. ^_^

May 16, 2000: SMD--I've been busy with classes the last couple weeks, and I've been sick, so everything is a blur. I added a bunch of new pictures, changed some backgrounds (I finally figured out how to properly prepare a background for tiling! Woohoo!), added some new banners (I'm a junkie, I admit it), and fine-tuned a few things on the site. New episodes are being written. I should have more time to write them over the summer.
Entire site--Joined some new webrings a couple weeks ago. ^_^

April 26, 2000: SOPI--Moved all the SOPI stuff to freeservers. I'm just tired of certain things about Fortune City, so I'm outta there. Now watch them fix all the things I didn't like about them. ^_^ ;

April 21, 2000: SMD--Added a fanart page for all the lovely, cool art you website visitors have done. Thank you, thank you, happy dance! I love pictures. ^_^ I also added a picture of Sailormoon as Sailorcosmos. Enjoy!

April 12, 2000: SMD--Moved SMD AGAIN. Dencity sucks or something. I've heard they are upgrading their servers, but still... no one can view the site! Annoying. Moved. Annoyance over. ^_^ LOTL was moved there too.
Added a couple new pictures to SMD, one of Soldierlammas (yumyum, slurp), and one of the very funny Sailoryule. They should both appear in episode 5. Watch for it. ^_^

March 24, 2000: SOPI--Finally found some space for Neptunian Cheesecake. The site is now open! Check out the page if you are an adult.

March 20, 2000: SMD--Moved SMD to Dencity. I'm just fed up with certain problems I had with Fortune City. LOTL went over there too.

March 18, 2000: SMD--Episode 4 is up! Changed the layout a lot, made a soundtrack page for all the songs (including a new song), and fixed the spelling of "mirai" all over the site. -_- ; :D The site has a bunch of new banners, too. Please use them to link me! I would appreciate it.

February 22, 2000: SOPI and LOTL--Added a bunch of new profiles and pictures, fine tuned some profiles, fixed the Minors page, and added Karen's page. I also added a buttload of new banners and buttons for linking. Please link me and give them a use! ^_^
SMD--Added a couple pictures to the Group page. I think I joined some more webrings sometime in February too.

January 20, 2000: SMD--Joined some more webrings and fine tuned the first page a bit to make it look nicer.

January 16, 2000: SMD--Episodes 1-3 are now up! Added profiles for each new character that appears in these episodes. Theme songs and FAQs were also added. More art of future charas added too.

December 20, 1999: Changed the background on the Sailormoon Dark page and made it more compact. Added an email button and made a couple other changes. Episode 1 is being written.

December 16, 1999: Rearranged the main Chara page to make it more compact. I like the way it looks better now!

December 15, 1999: Rearranged the buttons on the SOPI page. Added a new button to link to Kaye's page, plus a couple of inactive buttons that will be activated soon. I'm still not totally happy with how they are arranged; I need another button to balance them out. Kaye's page was made and uploaded on the 7th.

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