Miracles Meets Star Wars

Miracles Meets Star Wars
by Jyllaroo

        Evie was having car troubles, so Alva told her that he and Paul would swing by and pick her up on the way to their next assignment.
        Aunt Maddy greeted the men at the door and invited them in for some tea and muffins before they started their trip. They brought their mugs into the living room where Matty, Evie's four year old son, was watching a video. Evie was trying to get him dressed while eating her muffin.
        "We're not in a hurry," Alva told her, and Matty ran up to each man, greeting them with a sticky hug before plopping himself down into his mother's lap to watch more of the movie. Maddy was in an armchair, trying to read her book in all the commotion.
        Evie laughed when it was discovered that neither Alva or Paul had ever seen Star Wars. "I thought everyone had seen it!" She was wiping her son's sticky hands and face with a warm, damp washcloth. He wriggled a little in protest, then settled himself more comfortably after she tossed it onto the coffee table in front of them.
        Matty brought them up to speed. "See that person? He's Luke, he's a hero. The bad guys killed his family, an' he wants to be a Jedi and fight them. That old man is his teacher, Obi-wan 'Nobie. He dies but comes back in the next two movies. The two robots help Luke, 'Freepeeo and Artoo. Luke hasta save the Princess from Darth Vader an' he blew up her whole planet, too. 'An they hafta pay this pirate, Han Solo, to fly them to the Death Star inna Menni-um Falka..."
        The phone rang; Aunt Maddy answered it and told Evie it was for her. She excused herself to take the call in a quieter room, grinning at the dazed expressions of the two men as her son settled down comfortably between them and breathlessly continued telling them about the movie.
        "It's a spaceship that looks really junky but it goes really, really fast." He demonstrated, standing on the cushion between them and moving his hand through the air. Paul stood and picked the child up and 'flew' him once around the couch, then they landed, Matty giggling with delight. The child looked at the screen and continued, "Han has a big furry friend named Che'bacca. He's a Wookie!"
        Then Matty looked speculatively to his left, at Paul who returned his gaze. He nodded to himself and then proclaimed, "You can be Luke!"
        "Why can't I be the pirate guy?" Paul had watched videos with the child before, he knew how to play.
        "Mr. Alva has to be Han, he's older!" Matty answered after serious thought. Paul tried not to laugh, matching his seriousness, and Alva raised his eyebrows. Evie returned and the child continued, "Mommy's the Princess!"
        "What?" Evie asked and then she grinned, catching on, "Oh, right, and you are...Chewbacca!" Matty squealed in delight as his mother picked him up and swung him around and then they settled back onto the couch. Aunt Maddy asked if anyone wanted more tea; she was getting some for herself.
        When asked who she wanted to be, she simply said, "Yoda!" Matty decided that would be okay, although her character wouldn't appear until the second movie.
        She came in with the tea pot and refreshed their mugs, then went back to her book, grinning occasionally at what was being said.
        "So who are these two?" Evie indicated Alva and Paul.
        "I'm the old guy," Alva spoke ruefully.
        "Obi-Wan?" Evie teased.
        "Mommy! Mr. Alva is not that old!" Matty was giggling. Alva shot Evie an evil look.
        "C3PO?" She continued guessing. Matty said, "No...but they both talk funny.... not bad funny though," he was quick to reassure, patting Alva's hand anxiously.
        Alva smiled at the child then said to Evie, "He says I'm the pirate, Han Solo, whoever that is."
        "He hasn't been on yet-they meet him in the monster bar," explained the child helpfully. Evie and Paul cracked up at Alva's expression.
        "So, you must be Luke." Evie turned to Paul, who rolled his eyes and muttered something that sounded like 'whiney farm boy.'
        "But you're a hero!" Matty told him, and then he looked at Alva. "You too!" lest he feel left out.
        "So's Chewbacca," Evie added, giving her son a hug.
        "An' the Princess," Matty hugged his mother back, then looked over at his Great-Aunt, "Yoda, too!"
        Maddy grinned at her Great-Nephew--she had abandoned her book; it wasn't nearly as interesting as what was going on in the living room.
        "Tell me when you're ready to leave, Alva." Evie knew the drive ahead was a long one, and she didn't want her friends to feel obligated to stay until the end of the movie.
        "Not yet, we haven't seen the pirate fellow and his rookie co-pilot," Alva began, and Matty interrupted him, barely able to speak between giggles.
        "Wookie... not rookie, Mr. Alva!" Matty moved to Alva's lap. Evie looked at the older man's expression-he seemed surprised but pleased.
        They ended up watching the rest of the movie, much to Matty's delight. He moved from lap to lap and sometimes said his favorite lines along with the characters.
        When the movie was over, Evie kissed her son and Aunt Maddy goodbye and grabbed her travel bag and a Thermos. Paul grabbed up two plastic containers of water and Alva carried a sleeping bag, and they all headed out to his big old Jeep Waggoneer.
        Paul laughingly re-christened Alva's hooptie-mobile as "The Millennium Falcon" and they headed off in it, on their way to the country. Alva drove, as always, and Evie sat shotgun, holding the map. Paul made himself comfortable amongst their gear in the back, behind Evie.
        They talked about the case they were going to investigate-a supposedly haunted barn. None of the farm animals seemed to want to enter it, and the farmhands had been hearing eerie noises while working around it. Alva was recalling similar cases -from memory- things he'd read about in the past.
        They went over the inventory, making sure they had the supplies needed. Sleeping bags, flashlights, a Polaroid camera, tape recorders, tapes, notebooks, pens and pencils, one thermos container of tea, two of coffee, water and food.
        Then they discussed some of their former cases, the hemography case being one of them, where Paul was jailed in Denver. "Because he went off on his own like Luke, and I, like Han, had to go rescue him!"
        Paul looked at Alva in surprise and Evie burst out laughing.
        "What happens in the other two movies? Is Han still a know-it-all-jerk? Does Luke find out more about his father?" Paul asked the last question looking out the window so the other two couldn't see his expression.
        Alva saw the look on Evie's face and he quickly said, "Well of course Han would have an attitude if he had to keep rescuing his wayward partners!"
        "Han has to be rescued at the beginning of the third movie by the Luke and the Princess," Evie set the record straight. "And Luke ends up rescuing his father too, in a way," she added, turning to meet Paul's gaze.
        A few miles went by in silence, and then Alva inquired, "So which man wins the hand of the Princess?"
        Paul looked up with interest.
        Evie busied herself, looking through her travel bag, "You'll have to rent the other two movies to find out," she told them. She was secretly glad that the barn they were going to had no electricity and was miles away from a Blockbuster!

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