Succulent (The Orchard of Dreams Remix)

(The Orchard of Dreams Remix)

A Miracles/Supernatural Crossover
by Melody

Original Fic: Orange-Flavored Kiss, by Sailorhathor
Remix: Succulent (The Orchard of Dreams Remix)
Pairing: Paul/Dean
Word Count: 114 Words
Rating: Parental Supervision Suggested for children under 13

        In his dream, Paul lifted the glistening wedge of the orange to his lips and bit into the ripe flesh. The sweet, citrusy taste exploded on his tongue as he felt the sticky rivulet of juice slide down his chin.

        He smiled, almost moaning at the flavor.

        When he licked his fingers clean, Dean's eyes went hot. Paul leaned forward almost without realizing it, and a slow smile spread like honey across Dean's face.

        Paul closed his eyes.

        Dean's tongue licked a path from the hollow of Paul's throat to his chin, caressing the skin. "Sweet," he murmured into Paul's ear.

        Paul shivered.

        When he woke, the taste of orange-flavored kisses lingered on his tongue.

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A Miracles Fanfic
by Melody

AUTHOR: Melody
FANDOM: Miracles (plus a very subtle and obscure crossover that I'll explain at the end.)
CHARACTERS: Alva Keel, Paul Callan
RATING: All Ages
SPOILERS/TIMELINE: Set immediately after "The Battle at Shadow Ridge."
SUMMARY: On their way home from Shadow Valley, Paul and Alva stop to examine a crop circle.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: Written for the [info]15_minute_fic community. The prompt is shape.

        Paul regarded the wheat field with a jaundiced eye. From his vantage point on a nearby hilltop, he could see the strangely beautiful fractal-like pattern made by strategically flattened stalks of the grain. "Seriously, Alva, what are we doing here?"

        "Paul, crop circles have a long history in paranormal research. The earliest recorded image appears in a woodcut dating from 1678, depicting a 'mowing-devil' taking a wicked-looking scythe to a farmer's field. There are countless documented incidences of crop circles, and yet no one has been able to fully explain the phenomenon. Doesn't that intrigue you?"

        Paul looked again at the stalks of wheat shining golden in the sun, the long grass on the hill blowing gently in the breeze... and felt his shoulder throbbing from his recent gunshot wound (musket wound? What did you call an injury made by a Civil War era rifle that was fired at you by a long-dead soldier on the other side of a time slip anyway?). "Not really, no," he said.

        Alva didn't reply; he just gave Paul a disappointed look and returned towards his observation of the field below.

        Paul sighed. "I'm sorry, Alva," he said. "But between the ghost lights and the time slip, I've had enough of supposedly harmless, unexplained phenomena. My arm hurts. I'm tired. I miss Evie. Don't you want to go home?" Paul grimaced. He had meant that last question to sound like a straightforward suggestion, but it came out unexpectedly wistful.

        Alva turned away from the field and back towards Paul. "No, I'm sorry," he said quietly. "Of course; let's go home."

        They began to walk down the hill together, towards the place where they'd left the car. "Besides," Alva added. "This was probably a wild goose chase anyway."

        Paul smiled. "Well, I didn't want to criticize - "

        "Since when?"

        " - but aliens, Alva? Really?"

        "I know. About as likely as being shot by the ghost of a Confederate soldier, isn't it?"

        And, bantering gently with each other, they left, leaving the images in the wheat to send their message out into the sky.


So what was the crossover part? Well, the crop circles looked like this:


That makes this a Miracles/Threshold crossover! Two excellent shows cut short before they had a chance to live. :(

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