Imaginary Reality

Imaginary Reality
A Miracles/Supernatural Cross-over Fanfic
by Emma DeMarais

Series/Universe: Imaginary Reality
Pairing/Characters: Paul/Dean
Rating: Parental Supervision Suggested for children under 13
Spoilers: None
Summary: Dean's dreams might not be real, but the man in them is.
Notes/Warnings: Read the disclaimer on my LJ.

        The bed is unbelievably soft beneath him and he sinks into its pristine whiteness letting out an exhalation that disgorges every care and worry from his body as if expelling a demon.

        As they fade away into nothingness, an easy languor invades him. He could lie in this bed and do nothing for hours; no one needs him to fight their battles. He's at peace.

        "You could, you know."

        The voice is relaxed, flirty almost, and Dean finds he's not startled by the presence of the man in bed beside him.

        "I could what?" he asks.

        "Lie in bed and do nothing." Paul turns on his side to lie facing Dean, dragging his fingers across Dean's belly just under his t-shirt.

        Dean arches automatically into the sensation of the blunt nails across his skin. It feels good. It feels natural. It feels real.

        But it can't be. He's in a dive motel outside of Poughkeepsie with his brother, sleeping on ancient threadbare sheets thrown loosely over a lumpy mattress.

        "I could." When he says it, it's more a realization than a statement.

        "Or you could do something a bit more interesting," Paul murmurs, fingers teasing lightly at Dean's waistband.

        It's automatic, the seeking of Paul's lips, and Dean closes his eyes knowing Paul will find him, meet him halfway.

        The kiss is relaxed, familiar, with hints of passion to come and memories of passion shared that never happened. Dean sinks into the heat of Paul's mouth like he sank into the bed - relishing it, grateful for the respite it brings.

        As Paul slips his hand around to his back, drawing him closer, Dean melts against him - letting the last of his tension slip away into a feeling of utter trust.

        He breaks the kiss reluctantly, bringing his hand up to caress Paul's face, wonder in his touch and in his voice.

        "Is this real? Are you real?" he asks, blissful yet bewildered.

        "No," Paul says, kissing his concerns away. "And yes."

        The blare of a car alarm rousts Dean out of a deep sleep.

        Sam grumbles in the bed next to his, rolls over, then goes back to sleep as the alarm is shut off.

        Dean lies back on the bed feeling every lump in the mattress and the harsh scratch of motel sheets on his skin.

        It was a dream.

        But he can still feel where Paul's lips have been.

        He closes his eyes.

        And prays for sleep.


Additional Author's Notes:

Once upon a time there were oranges...

("I saw you in an orange grove..." Oh wait, that's something else. Never mind. /grins/)

Every once in a while someone comes up with an unusual pairing that makes me kick myself for not thinking of it myself. (Billy/Colby? Guh.)

In the Miracles fandom a pairing was brought to my attention via Sailorhathor's fic. As soon as I saw that she had Paul/Dean I was like, 'of course!'. Normally I have trouble imagining *anyone* topping Dean (but wait until you read my Billy/Dean! Yum!) but oddly Paul/Dean just *works*. I can't explain it.

For the uninitiated, Paul Callan is Skeet Ulrich (minus a few years) and Dean Winchester is Jensen Ackles (much hotter now than his "Smallville" years). Look at the pretty pictures. Picture them together. Get it now? Very pretty.

The Paul/Dean universe that Sailorhathor created that inspired this pairing is called Brokeback Mothman. You can find the fic on the Cross to Bear Miracles FanFic Archive she runs. It includes the fic that was the real inspiration for Imaginary Reality - Orange-Flavored Kiss. I read that one fic and was hooked.

I told her I pretty much blatantly ripped off her dream idea for my fic, but dangling shiny Paul/Dean in front of her got her to forgive me. /grins/ Technically this fic should be part of her universe, but my brain can't handle my *own* universes (*cough*Vice*cough*) and hers is pretty vast and complex, so I chose to make my own universe instead - inspired by hers, but not connected. That way I can write more pretty Paul/Dean and let it go where it wants to go without worrying about messing up. (Which I do worry about, given this is a new fandom for me.)

Right now I don't have huge plans for this universe, but I like the idea of having a Paul/Dean universe to play in, so we'll see how it plays out. For now I just like the idea of playing in Dean's dreams.

Now if I can just get him to come play in mine... Hehehe

Very special thanks to beta Sailorhathor for her assistance with this fic.


Emma DeMarais

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