Above art drawn by Nancy and colored by Laurel.

NAME: Charles Dsogu, aka Torcha
UNIVERSE: Originally SOPI, but now "Land of the Lost: Ten Years Gone" rpg game
ORIGINALLY COMES FROM: Earth, the year 2269

HERITAGE: 1/2 human, 1/2 Neptunian in life. He was killed during a fight (his throat was ripped out, and that is why he has such a nasty scar on his neck). After death, Torcha made a pact with a demon named Goar to be resurrected if he linked his soul with the demon's energy. This would make both of them stronger.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: As a demon, Torcha has pale white skin, purple lips, dull black shoulder-length hair, a nasty red scar on his throat, a long rat-like tail, and small bat-like wings on his back. (The shoulder spikes in the picture are now gone.) His eyes are red with yellow whites. In life, he looked like this:

Someone should arrest me for stealing Steve Perry's hairstyle.

SKILLS/POWERS: Torcha probably still has a small amount of demon magic at his disposal, but very very little, since just about all of his power was drained by the spiritual vortex that brought him into the Land of the Lost in the first place. He can shape-shift into a wolf at times.

WEAKNESSES: He pretty much has normal mortal weaknesses now, since most of his former power has been drained.

THE CIRCUMSTANCES UNDER WHICH TORCHA ENTERED THE LAND OF THE LOST? A spiritual vortex that took the form of a tornado passed through the Land, opening up many dimensional doorways. This tornado carried Torcha and his demon companions. They had committed violence against the family of a necromancer, so they were trapped within the spiritual vortex and sent to live in the Land for safe keeping, since there is virtually no escape from the Land of the Lost.
Torcha is a very minor character and will rarely be played unless I find something else to do with him.

The above art is my property. Do not take it or use it in any way without my permission.

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