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The above drawing came off a child's dress pattern. No, I only wish I could color that well. ;D

Shuriko is an original character from the "Land of the Lost: Ten Years Gone" rpg game. She is inspired by the Builder character from Land of the Lost Episode #28 "Musician," written by Dick Morgan and Tom Swale. Game modifications designed by Laurel.

NAME: Shuriko
AGE, BIRTHDATE: Not applicable
MALE/FEMALE: Appears female
HERITAGE: One of the Builder's "people"

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: She takes on a human form most of the time, that of a nine year old child. This child is always way overdressed for the Land, in a fancy magenta colored dress with lacy accents, white stockings, and black patent shoes. Her blonde hair is done up in a bow and always looks pretty, even though she lives in a jungle that is pretty hot most of the time. It's obvious she's not a normal child.
Another form she can take on is the spooky trademark Builder form, a tall red glowing being shaped like a human with no face nor features. But she does not take on this form very much.

OCCUPATION: Shuriko is one of the "Repairmen" for the Land of the Lost. She shows up whenever things go wrong, gently suggesting things that may remedy the problem. (Her name means "Repairman" in Japanese.) She also serves as a go getter of any new interesting information for the Builder, such as when new people fall into the Land, or when something new happens.

SKILLS/POWERS: knowing things about people she could not possibly know, making things disappear/appear, making herself disappear/appear, putting people in hypnotic trances, and knocking people unconscious with a wave of her hand

WEAKNESSES: Her essential purpose is to gather information and help out, not to hurt anyone or defend herself. The Builder does not seem to totally understand others, which makes him and his lackeys (like Shuriko) stick out like sore thumbs.

STORY: Shuriko's look is based on what would seem the least threatening to many human beings (a little girl dressed for Sunday school).

The background of Shuriko's picture is the tile PAPER_UMBRELLA, which can be found for free at Infinite Fish Productions .

I modified the above picture of Shuriko, so please don't take it or use it in any way without my permission.

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