Kurt and Mindy Bellingham

Above art drawn by Nancy and colored by Laurel.

NAME: Kurt and Mindy Bellingham
WHERE THEY ORIGINALLY CAME FROM: San Antonio, TX, the year 1999 (it was December 31, 1999 to be exact)
AGE, BIRTHDATE: Kurt is 16, Mindy is 7; I haven't decided on birthdays yet
MALE/FEMALE: Kurt, male. Mindy, female.
HERITAGE: White American humans

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Kurt looks like a typical "grunge" kid of the 90s. Unruly dishwater blonde hair that hangs in his face, about collar length; wears lots of plaid, denim, and rock t-shirts. Crystal blue eyes. Mindy has light brown hair, about shoulder blade-length, pulled back into a hair clip. She came to the Land in her private school uniform, which consists of a plaid skirt, shirt, little bow for a tie, plaid vest, knee socks, and saddle shoes. She is always accompanied by her brown and black terrier, Toto.


SKILLS/POWERS: None that I know of. They are just very normal kids of divorced parents.

WEAKNESSES: Normal human beings subject to normal human weaknesses

THE CIRCUMSTANCES UNDER WHICH THEY ENTERED THE LAND OF THE LOST?: Kurt was walking Mindy home from a class play about the dawning new century when they wandered into a fog and came out in the Land of the Lost.

OTHER: Kurt's look was inspired by a young Kurt Cobain.

The above art is my property. Do not take it or use it in any way without my permission.

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