Above art drawn by Nancy and colored by Laurel. Background is a tile which can be found for free at Infinite Fish.

NAME: Jenny
UNIVERSE: "Land of the Lost: Ten Years Gone" rpg game
ORIGINALLY COMES FROM: An undersea kingdom on a planet other than Earth
AGE, BIRTHDATE: 16; birthdate not decided on yet

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Jenny has long brown hair with two apricot streaks. Her eyes are narrow in size, she is slender, and short (about 5' 2"). She wears a rubber, scaled green top (which is not reflected in the picture; I need to recolor it), sarong skirt, and purple calf-high boots. This is when she is out of the water. Jenny also wears the tiara and protective jewels of royalty, as she is the princess of an undersea kingdom. Her arm bands and boots have these jewels on them (they are probably garnets; I haven't really decided yet as she is still a pretty new character). Before Jenny jumps in the water, she removes the boots and skirt. Salt water will turn her legs into a mermaid's tail and fin. (Fresh water will not achieve this change.) As long as her legs are dry of salt water, they will be human legs.

OCCUPATION: Mermaid princess

SKILLS/POWERS: Her royal jewels have some sort of defensive power when used in conjunction, but I'm not totally sure what they do yet. I'm sure it will come out in play somewhere. She is also an excellent swimmer (of course) who can hold her breath for an extended period of time underwater.

WEAKNESSES: Besides normal mortal weaknesses, Jenny will become very sick and die if she spends too much time out of the water.

THE CIRCUMSTANCES UNDER WHICH JENNY ENTERED THE LAND OF THE LOST? She was swimming one day when she went through one of the dimensional doorways (yes, they are even located underwater). It appeared to be a very murky patch of water to her. After swimming through it, Jenny suddenly realized she did not recognize any of the sea life around her. She ventured onto land to find out where she was, and after some time, eventually came into contact with the Marshalls and the others.

STORY: Jenny can be very egotistical because of how she was raised as a pampered member of a royal family.

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