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Holly Marshall

Above art drawn by Nancy and colored by Laurel, with necklaces added by Laurel too.
This rpg character is inspired by Holly Marshall, a character from the original version of the tv show Land of the Lost from 1974. The original Holly Marshall is Krofft Productions.

NAME: Holly Marshall
UNIVERSE: "Land of the Lost: Ten Years Gone" rpg game
ORIGINALLY COMES FROM: The United States of America, the year 1974
AGE, BIRTHDATE: 22; June 12, 1962
HERITAGE: White human American

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Shoulder length blonde hair; 5' 7"; she has outgrown the plaid shirt and brown corduroys she came here in, so she has torn off the sleeves and legs to use to let these clothes out so she can still wear them. Holly is always seen wearing her clairvoyant crystal pendant and signal mirror (my drawing of the pendant was based on the one given to Holly in episode #15 "Elsewhen").

SKILLS/POWERS: Outdoor survival, quick-thinking skills needed to live in a hostile environment, using native LOTL materials to make tools and such things for day to day living, and has taught herself how to use the clairvoyant pendants

WEAKNESSES: Just a regular human being with no special superhuman powers, never could get the hang of Morse Code, allows her brother's teasing to get to her, and is a little too quick to act before thinking at times

THE CIRCUMSTANCES UNDER WHICH HOLLY ENTERED THE LAND OF THE LOST? Forest Ranger Rick Marshall and his teenage children Will and Holly were on a routine rafting expedition down the Colorado River when a major earthquake hit. The earthquake opened up new waterways to dangerous rapids, and eventually a waterfall. The Marshalls went over the falls into an open dimensional doorway that led to the Land of the Lost.

BACKGROUND STORY: Holly has been trapped in the LOTL for ten years now. To her, it is the year 1984.
Eventually Rick Marshall escaped the Land through a dimensional doorway eight years ago, but by accident. His brother Jack Marshall entered the Land, coincidentally, on the same day, falling through the same doorway the other Marshall's did. For eight years Holly has made her home with her uncle and her brother Will.
Recently, a spiritual vortex that took the form of a tornado passed through the Land, opening up many dimensional doorways. The tornado smashed into High Bluff, revealing many new caves and uncovering the Marshall's original living space, which was buried in rubble from a previous earthquake. Now the Marshalls (and lots of new original characters) are free to make their home at High Bluff once again.
But who is that who passed through a dimensional doorway in a Pylon after the tornado raged through? Could it be Rick Marshall, coming back to find his children? For him, only ten minutes has passed. Now he must face adults who were only kids, his kids, ten minutes before. Time in the Land of the Lost is relative to one's outlook and location...

(Things were done this way so we could continue the game from where the third season of the show, no matter how bad it was, left off. Several changes were made to the facts of the third season to ensure that the game would not be as goofy. ^_^ v )
I made up a few of the facts about Holly just for the sake of game play. Age modifications designed by Laurel.

The above art is my property. Do not take it or use it in any way without my permission.

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