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Faulken and Mysteria

Above art drawn by Nancy. Colored and computer altered by Laurel.

NAME: Faulken and Mysteria
WHERE ARE THEY ORIGINALLY FROM? 23rd century Earth, though they are originally of Neptunian origin
AGE, BIRTHDATE: Technically, they have been around for 63 years, but they look about 18
MALE/FEMALE: Faulken is male, Mysteria is female
HERITAGE: Half Neptunian spiritual being called a Mifys, half human

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Faulken--Long black hair to his butt with silver highlights; silver irises; forehead has a black diamond on it to symbolize his third eye; wears a sleeveless shirt that swims with colors; body is fuzzy around the edges, as if he is always surrounded by a multicolored aura; very thin lips and small nose; sort of a "pretty boy"
Mysteria--Very long golden hair with some black highlights, silver eyes, black diamond on her forehead like her brother, wears a long-sleeved dress that swims with colors, very thin lips and small nose, has the multicolored "aura" that her twin has

OCCUPATION: Both were sent to guard the demons that have come to the Land

SKILLS/POWERS: They can manipulate energy, including their own, to disappear/appear and levitate; and to create balls of spiritual energy that explode on impact. Both also have some fighting skills and can leap and jump like skilled gymnasts.

WEAKNESSES: They can be injured just like any other human, since they are part human. Also, they can be trapped or injured by certain spiritual spells, since they are partly descended from the spiritual plain.

THE CIRCUMSTANCES UNDER WHICH THEY ENTERED THE LAND OF THE LOST: They entered in a spiritual vortex, which looked like a huge tornado, along with the demons they were sent to guard.

STORY: The Mifys have known the Builder's people for centuries. The Builder made a deal with Nova, Faulken and Mysteria's mother, to allow her children to bring the demons into the Land of the Lost to protect humankind from the dangerous beings because it is almost impossible to escape from the Land.

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