Dwarf, indeed.


The above picture of Enik is 1974 Sid and Marty Krofft Pictures
I am only playing Enik in the game "Land of the Lost: Ten Years Gone which was formerly on aol; I did not create him. My portrayal will be inspired by the character from the show as he was portrayed in seasons 1 and 2. Enik first appeared in Land of the Lost Episode #6 "The Stranger," written by Walter Koenig.

NAME: Enik
WHERE DID ENIK ORIGINALLY COME FROM: Altrusia, the ancient civilization of the Sleestaks
HERITAGE: Altrusian

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Enik is much shorter than the other Sleestaks (they call him their "dwarf brother of strange ways"), he's brown instead of green, he wears a sparkly copper-colored tunic, and a powerful jewel pendant.
He does resemble Sleestaks in that he does have big bug eyes (but his are more dark jewel red than the Sleestaks black), reptilian features, and huge awkward feet.

OCCUPATION: Enik helps out the humans by spreading his knowledge of the Land around. His pendant can be used to power dimensional doorways with an external power source. This occupies most of Enik's time-- he wants to find the doorway back to his time so he can warn his people about their future. Before he wound up in the LOTL, Enik's "job" was to travel between dimensions, fixing the doorways that had stopped functioning properly.

SKILLS/POWERS: Superintelligent. Enik can read minds, block the Sleestaks from reading his mind, and cause illusions-- he can summon up a fog that shows whoever looks into it their worst fears.

WEAKNESSES: Enik is as open to injury as any human being. Also, Altrusian law says no Altrusian can lie, nor can they allow someone else's sacrifice to be greater than their own.

THE CIRCUMSTANCES UNDER WHICH ENIK ENTERED THE LAND OF THE LOST? One thousand years ago, the Sleestaks were known as Altrusians, and they were peaceful beings. Enik is from this time. Somehow he was transported through a doorway to the time of his people's future. He is very surprised to see how warlike and primitive his people have become.

STORY: The Lost City forms the ruins of Enik's Altrusia. For him, only time was displaced, not space, as it was for the Marshalls.

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