"I will only complicate you. Trust in me and fall as well. I will find a center in you. I will chew it up and leave. I will work to elevate you just enough to bring you down." --"Sober," Tool

Wha are you lookin' at?!

Courtney Jane Hatten

Above art drawn by Nancy. Colored by Laurel.

NAME: Courtney Jane Hatten
UNIVERSE: Originally SOPI, now Land of the Lost, TYG
STORY: Courtney has a long history with many of my other characters. She is the only full human ever allowed to join the space pirating gang Desert Song. Courtney has caused a lot of pain to these characters she's known, in different ways. Basically, she was a really bad person, and was shameless about how awful she could be.
In life, Courtney owned an empire of pornography which included recruiting young runaways for prostitution. She used her position over these lost kids to get her kicks and make a lot of money without regard for their well-being.
Courtney almost never called anyone by their real or chosen name. She preferred to give everyone her own personal nickname for them.
Awhile back, after she was apprehended and taken into SOPI, Courtney was found dead in her room. Someone smothered her very violently with a pillow. Several cryptic clues were left behind, but her killer was not caught. The next day, her body disappeared from the SOPI morgue. She was 32, but looked much older because of her heroin addiction.
Later, Rain Dophim disappeared on her way home from a karoake bar. Her family and boyfriend at the time found her in the clutches of Courtney--as a half-demon! Courtney and a partner had made a deal with two demons to merge with them, but they had to die first. So now Rain's family had to face not only an undead demon Courtney, but several others as well. As you can guess, they were successful in rescuing Rain and ridding the world of the demons.
Energy cannot ever be completely destroyed, it can only change form. When Courtney was dragged away by the spiritual vortex that was meant to be her grave, Nova realized there was still a chance for Court and her gang to regain their power, if given a proper well of energy. So she arranged for them to be placed in a universe from which there is no real escape. The Land of the Lost.
That is where they now reside, along with Nova's children ( Faulken and Mysteria ) to watch after them to make sure they do not threaten humankind again.

Hiya baby! Wanna smooch?
This is Courtney in her half-demon form. Preeeeetty! ;D In the LOTL game, her mouth is not quite this big anymore.

Some of Courtney's siblings are: Drew "Sling" Hatten , Leo Hatten , Rebecca Hatten , and Raka Hatten .

Courtney's looks are inspired by Courtney Love.

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