THIS IS NOT A REAL CORPORATION! WE DON'T DO ANYTHING OR MAKE ANY PRODUCTS! IT'S A JOKE! I'm just so demented that I could be my own corporation of dementedness, which explains the corporate references.

What is Demented?

"Demented"/"Planet Demented" is a fanzine I (Laurel) published in print (off a copy machine) from 1992 until 1996. Once I got on the internet in 1997, there was no looking back. If you are one of my old-time readers who is wondering what the heck happened to me, you've just found me.

Can I still get back issues in print?

Not currently. But perhaps in the future, I'll be able to offer this service again.

What is each site about?

Skeeter Net: A fansite for actor Skeet Ulrich, who is muy caliente. Ai yi yi!
Laurel's Tape Trading Jamboree: Was my tape trading website, but I don't really do that anymore.
The Spectral Eye: A sampling of the fictional characters I have created, original and fanfic, along with actual fanfic that you can read and beautiful art.
Operation Space Nut: All about the eternal kings of Saturday morning television, Sid and Marty Krofft! Sounds, pictures, the You Know You've Been Watching too Much Sid and Marty Krofft When list, and lots of fanstuff.
The Texacon: Many many pictures from some of the "Mystery Science Theatre 3000" official conventions and mini-cons hosted by aol message board members.
On the Subject of Me: On the subject of me. In other words, my personal page.
Paranormal Activity Screencaps: A site about hovercrafts. Just kidding. It's a site about exactly what it says - screencaps from the movie "Paranormal Activity." In the future, I'd like to expand the site greatly to include screencaps from many of my favorite movies. The reason I made these was for a fanfic-related art project and I figured it'd be nice to share them. I'd like to redo them so they're bigger, since I now have a laptop with a larger screen.

What does it mean to be demented?

It is a state of mind. It has nothing to do with how you look or how wild you act, because I have met some pretty weird looking, wild people who were quite ordinary inside. Being demented simply means looking at the world in a different, silly way that often causes other people to tell you you are a bizarre person. Throughout my entire life, people have been telling me I live on my own planet, so I figure the moniker fits.

In a few places on your site, there are text ads that lead to other sites completely separate from Demented Stuff. What are they about?

They are ads I put up to generate revenue to help me with my website costs. :) They will help me continue to bring you sparkling and exciting content! :D

Rei, clean up the pad!

Rei graciously sweeps up the dust as we remodel our building.

These web pages and their contents are Demented Stuff, except where otherwise noted. All of Karen's work is Static Kling Productions. All rights reserved. Some stuff on this site was obtained through freeware. It's a beautiful thing, that freeware. I'm going to marry it. Then I'm going to cheat on it with raw html. While having a fling on the side with Leonardo DiCaprio.