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SMD - Sailormoon Dark, CTB - Cross to Bear (Miracles fanfic), NepC - Neptunian Cheesecake (adult fanfic), SMD Movie - Sailormoon Dark Movie, SMM - Sailormoon Mirai, SOPI - The Search for Outer Planet Intelligence (original rpg world), LOTL - Land of the Lost, Ring - She Just Wanted to Be Heard ("The Ring/Ringu" fanfic), BBMM - Brokeback Mothman (Dean Winchester/Paul Callan fic and other Supernatural fic), Alumni - Degrassi fic, Vampirica - John Carpenter's Vampires: Los Muertos fic

August 19, 2014: CTB - Fixed the Paul Callan Head Injury Clock.

August 20, 2012: CTB - Added an archive of everything from SodalitasQuaerito.com.

August 15, 2011: CTB and BBMM - Added the new story "Beloved Sin." Also added a purely "Miracles" story called "Compassion Amongst Wolves." The basic look of CTB was updated for wider resolutions with some newer graphics and fixed up backgrounds. Changes were made to the layout of several other pages and sites (She Just Wanted to be Heard as well) to be more compatible with wider resolutions. For those of you who are on 800x600 and lower, sorry, but you'll be doing some scrolling from time to time. :D

Thanks to I_want_to for looking up the quotes I used at the bottom of the new main page for CTB. My DVDs are currently in storage. :)

August 26, 2010: Ring - Added Days 33-43 and profiles for tons of characters, too many to list.

June 16, 2010: CTB & BBMM - Added several new Miracles and Miracles/Supernatural stories, including "Death and Consequences," "Pavlovian Dog (The Operant Conditioning Remix)," "Black and Chrome," "The Truth of Names," "Chasing the Chill," "Family Ties (The Heart Stopping Remix)," "God is Now Here," "Lost Souls," "Sins of the Father," and "Circles." Also added the Supernatural story "Comparison Contrast" and the SPN/Paranormal Activity/Surprise Fandom cross-over "What is the Distance Between a Bullet and a Gun."
Vampirica - Added the story "She Need the Money Real Bad."

December 27, 2009: CTB & BBMM - Added the Miracles/SPN/Scream x-over "No One Mourns the Wicked."

May 21, 2009: Ring - Added Days 29-32 and profiles for Adrianna McNeal, Alexandra Baptiste, and Tristan Hauser.

February 15, 2009: BBMM - Added new chapters of "Lacerated Sky," Chps 7 & 8.

January 27, 2009: Changed the name of my fanfic site from The Character Factory to The Spectral Eye, something I've been trying to make time to do for years. Graphics were updated to reflect this change.

January 22, 2009: Alumni and Vampirica - Started these two sites and added their first stories, including ones by me and Tigerlady (Los Vivos).

January 21, 2009: CTB - Added the new stories "Merrie Melodies," "Orange-Flavored Kiss (The Juicy Remix)," "Saviors and Apostles," "Alva Keel - Revelations," "Dying is the Easy Part," "Coffee and Companionship," "And the Sunshine We've Been Waiting for Will Turn to Rain," "Succulent (The Orchard of Dreams Remix)," and "Four Times Alva Didn't Kill Paul, and One Time He Did." Phew! (The Dean/Paul stories were also added to BBMM.)
Ring - Updated all currently written Days to reflect a change I decided on months ago but just now got around to doing - Svetlana should have been speaking broken English from the very beginning. It's not enough for me to hear her speaking this way in my head; I felt I needed to get this across in the story as well. I've been told it actually adds a certain realness to her personality, and I agree, so she'll be speaking this way from now on. I'm sorry if the change is jarring for anyone who's been reading since the beginning. You may want to go back and reread old chapters?

December 18, 2008: Ring - Added a mailing list and a guestbook to the site.

November 17, 2008: CTB - Added "Persistence of Memory." Because I am cleaning up problems created by the time jump when I started writing the SPN/Miracles stories, I also made small changes to "We Were the Dead" and "You Can't Help Who You Are." The scene where Paul calls Mrs. Murtaugh was moved to WWTD and that scene in YCHWYA was replaced with a conversation about a chupacabra case.

Ring - Added profiles for Cheyenne Bloodworth, Rowan Bloodworth, Jasmine Fuller, Summer Layton, Sarah Layton, Levi Layton, Colin Owens, Richard Morgan, Rachel Keller, and Pointy-kun.

October 16, 2008: Ring - Added Days 27 and 28.

August 30, 2008: BBMM/CTB - Added the new story "The Darkness, It Wants."

July 25, 2008: BBMM/CTB - Added new stories "Unspoken" and "There's a Flagpole Rag and the Wind Won't Stop." Also did a little page rearranging and added pages for Links and a Site Map.

April 20, 2008: Ring - Added Days 25 and 26.

February 24, 2008: BBMM - Added chapters 5 and 6 to "Lacerated Sky."

January 31, 2008: BBMM - Added the new story "There's a Little Black Spot on the Sun Today."

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